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10 Things You Need to Know When Shopping for Bridesmaids Dresses

by Christy Taylor

You chose these ladies to stand with you for a reason--they are a significant part of your life. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean you see eye to eye on everything, especially when it comes to style! 

Before you shop for your Bridesmaid's dresses, here are 10 things to keep in mind: 

1. Your Wedding Theme
Have a good sense of the vibe of your wedding. The styles of dresses you chose should make sense with your theme and personality. If you have purchased your dress, think about what styles would compliment it. If you're struggling with this (trust me, I did too) check out these styling tips


2. Color
Not all colors work well with all skin types and hair colors. Even if pastel pink is one of your primary colors--it could easily wash out a fair skinned bridesmaid. Be extra sensitive if you have a red head in your party!

3. Keep the Basics in Mind 
What's the weather going to be like? 
What styles are appropriate for the season?
Where is the ceremony being held? 
Don't neglect the obvious. Answering basic questions will help you decide fabrics and lengths for your dresses.

4. Comfort is KEY
It is YOUR day and YOUR ultimate decision on the dresses, but don't forget that your wedding is a shared celebration with those you love! You want your girls to be comfortable and ready to let loose with you at the reception. Don't force them into something that will leave them feeling insecure and self conscious. Before getting your heart set on a particular dress, make sure you've considered all the ladies' body types and personal styles. (this may be when you decide on different styles for each)

5. Be Open Minded and Flexible
It's amazing how many options you have! For example, If one of the girls isn't comfortable in strapless, be open to adding some to her dress or finding a hybrid dress with one shoulder strap. It's a great compromise where you both can get what you want. Don't be afraid to bend on the little things. (again, the day will be much more successful if everyone is happy!)

6. Budget
Most bridesmaids dresses start around $175 and can be as spendy as $400 to $500. Have a good idea what your party can each afford before you start trying on dresses.

7. Treat Your Party 
Most bridal shops will allow snacks as you try on dresses (no one wants to be around hungry, frustrated ladies!) Bring some goodies along--even a bottle of wine!

8. Bring Your Photographer
..or at least someone with a camera. This is both to keep track of dresses you like and dislike, and capture memories of the day. I brought my photographer along and already I look back at how much fun we had. I'm so thankful we have these fun shots!

9. Never ask "What do you WANT to wear"
You'll get a different answer every time. Make sure to have a backbone and a plan of what YOU want as you head into the appointment. Then the compromising can begin. If you start with what THEY want, you may never end up with something to please them all. 


Maybe I'm just lucky to have such great ladies in my life...but we had an absolute blast finding 'the dress'. (the wine didn't hurt a bit!) 
We are going to have such a great time together at the wedding!