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Titletown Brewing Company Expansion Plans

by Paul Heling

Originally posted by our Jeff Flynt in the Food & Drink blog

It was reported earlier this week that Titletown Brewing Company and SMET Construction is leading the charge to reconstruct the old Larsen Green vegetable canning factory in downtown Green Bay into a mixed-use facility.

While the plans (admittedly in the early stages) include room for retail and apartment spaces, the major tenant in the property would be Titletown.

"It basically would be an expansion of our brew house into that Larsen building so that we could do packaging and more production," says Titletown Brewing Co. owner Brent Weycker. "I think it's a great opportunity to take a large city block in downtown Green Bay and transform it into an awesome development utilizing the historic structures."

Weycker calls it the natural progression for the brand.

"We're seeing this demand and the craft beer industry is experience a lot of growth where people are looking for those local, unique beers," says Weycker. "We'll be filling that need for more product, and also be able to package too. We're looking at canning our beers, which is appropriate that it's the old cannery."

Currently, Titletown beers are distributed around the city, along with Madison and Milwaukee through a Watertown-based distributor. In the summer months, the folks at Titletown get busy locally, and that restricts how much beer is sent down there. But Weycker says they'd like to take on all of the Badger State, taking aim at New Glarus and other widely available beers.

"Our model right now is basically to produce enough beer to get us throughout the state of Wisconsin," Weycker says. "We'd like to be really good in our home market. I call it the 'New Glarus Model', where you sell in the state where there's a lot of opportunity."

Expansion doesn't just be from shipping the beer to more places. It'll involve expanding their offerings.

"This gives us the opportunity to brew more beer, we'll have the space to barrel age our beers and do more lagers," Weycker says. "It really opens up our opportunities to produce even more unique beers."

I generally bug Brent about this, but since we've been talking for awhile, I always ask about Belgian beer. When are they going to roll one out?

"I'd like to go the Belgian route. My family is from Belgium, I have a fondness for Belgian beers," says Weycker. "The only other place there's more Belgians outside of Belgium is Northeast Wisconsin. It should fit in with what we're trying to do here."

It seems what Titletown is doing, is taking their craft beer to the lips of as many Wisconsinites as possible.