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Y100 Troop Salute Tech Sgt. Boom Operator Troy Johnson

by Bear

Troy joined the Airforce and served from 1990-1994 then again in 2003 he then joined the Airforce Reserve 128 ARW in Milw. He started as a Crew Chief on a KC135 A Model and R Model. and as of 2010 he has been a Boom Operator. A Boom Operator is the person who refuels the planes in the air. He also is a Sgt. for the State of Wi Prison System. When he is not working he enjoys riding his motorcyle, grilling ribs on his pellet grill and throwing the ball for his beautiful black lab Lambo Leap Johnson. He also enjoys spending time with his family. Oh and going up north and having a couple cold beers by the camp fire. My Brother is the Best Lil Brother anyone could have. He deserves this SALUTE. Thanks.