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Y100 Troop Salute Bret Illies

by Bear


Bret enlisted in the US Army on his 17th birthday. He has dedicated six and half years to serving his country. He has completed Sapper school and specializes in detecting IED's (Improvised Explosive Devices). One thing that sets Bret apart from others is his extreme bravery and commitment to his family and fellow soldiers. Bret spent last year in Afghanistan searching for roadside bombs. During the deployment he learned his brother, and fellow soldier, would be getting deployed shortly after his return home. Bret selflessly volunteered to redeploy for a second tour so he could serve with his brother. Bret returned home from his first deployment March 22, 2013 and left for his second July 16, 2013. He is currently stationed in Fort Bliss, Texas for training and in the coming weeks will head back to Afghanistan for another year. I would like to thank Bret for his service to our country as well as his dedication to his fellow soldiers and loved ones back home. ...from Debbie Jensen