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Troop Salute Tsgt. Robert Hagland U.S.A.F.

by Bear
Robert Haglund
Rank Tsgt
Branch of Service Air Force
Where Serving Cheyenne, Wyoming
Hometown Where Graduated Preble high school- Green Bay
Information About the Nominee This man is my dad. He has put in 20 years of service for our country and will be retiring this year. He has been overseas countless times, many with his k9. He always told us kids "I'm serving, so you don't have to" but the passion for his country and freedom are primary contributors to his service, it isn't "just a paycheck" to him. He is a great example of a great man, his time has molded him into being a very caring and respectable man. I would like to recognize him for all the times he didn't receive or expect recognition, before he retires and serves on the Cheyenne police department.
Name Leah Haglund