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Troop Salute Major Shannon Cummings Wisconsin Army National Guard

by Bear
Shannon Cummings
Rank Major
Branch of Service WI Army National Guard
Where Serving Deploying to Jordan
Hometown Where Graduated Two Rivers
Information About the Nominee . Her name is Shannon Cummings or should I say Major Shannon Cummings of the Wi National Gaurd. After having a very less than perfect childhood, she graduated high school, went on to college, enrolled in ROTC, graduated from college, and has went on with her military career to do great things. She has been commander of her own training unit at an army installation, she has worked in the pentagon & on capital hill, and now will be deploying to the first time in just a few days to a mission in the Middle East. She is home in the Manitowoc area for a few days now before deployment. 

Name Kay Schmitz