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Troop Salute - Ashley Gulley

by Bear

Ashley's mom, Sandie Maurer, wrote from Kimberly to tell us how proud she is of her daughter.  Here's what she said...

The pictures are of Ashley and her K9's.  Her dog Nissan that she is pictured with in Chicago had to be put to rest last year and he was given high honors.

Her dog Blecki and her were on the 7 missions with the Secret Service and FBI during the election campaigns, and she has since shown much interest in either further her adventures in the FBI K9 or Secret Service K9 units.

My Daughter Ssgt. Ashley Gulley, USAF is stationed in Afganistan.  This is her 4th tour in 7 years and she served 7 missions with the Secret Service with her K9 Blecki.  She has been to Balad on 2 tours, Abudahbi, and now Bagram, Afganistan.

She has continued her college while in the Air Force since she has gone in.

She is currently Staff Sergeant/Installation Patrolman and Rifle Team Leader.

I am extremely proud of my daughter Ashley.  She is my only child and I could not have asked for a better example of a young lady such as her.  She continues to be smart, brave and strong, a true mentor to those around her.  She is a true inspiration to me and others that know her.

I always say Bear, that if I die being half of whom my daughter is, then I have truly succeeded in life. 

She listens to you on Y100 Live Stream and I think that is WAY cool.  The beauty of technology!!!

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