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Troop Salute 14/10/13 Daniel Hirte U.S. Navy From Weyauwega WI.

by Bear
Nominee Name Daniel Hirte
Rank IC2
Branch of Service Navy
Where Serving USS George Washington-Yokosuka, Japan
Hometown Where Graduated Weyauwega, WI
Information About the Nominee My son, Danny, joined the Navy in April of 2010. After 1 year of training at Great Lakes, IL he left for Yokosuka Japan and has been there ever since. He lives on the USS George Washington aircraft carrier several months at a time protecting and offering community service to U.S. friends in the Pacific Ocean. He gives support to his fellow Navy men and women by providing religious services during off duty times. While on duty he is part of the communication hub of the USS George Washington. When in port at Yokosuka, he offers his services to the members of the Yokosuka Baptist Church-his home away from home. We are so proud of Danny and his fellow Navy men and women and grateful to all they do and sacrifice to help protect us 'across the pond'. Danny protects and supports all around him both on and off duty and deserves this nomination!
Name Deana Hirte