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Troop Salute 11/11/13 Ssgt. Connar Bielinski U.S.Army. From Demark WI.

by Bear
Connar Bielinski
Rank staff sergeant
Branch of Service Army
Where Serving Afghanistan
Hometown Where Graduated Denmark
Information About the Nominee Connar is currently serving with 160th SOAR (a special ops unit that supplies helicopter/intelligence support to all the special ops units in all the branches of the military). They specialize in night-time operations. "Night Stalkers Don't Quit." His unit is based in Fort Campbell, Kentucky. He has been deployed more times than we can remember to places generally unknown. We believe he is in Afghanistan today. Starting at a very young age, Connar had told us that he would be joining the military. He never wavered from that and when the day came soon after high school graduation, he went. As parents, we are not exactly sure what he does because he can't tell us, but we are proud beyond words. His dedication to our country, his unit and his family never falters. He is physically and morally tough and strong. We love him and are so proud that he is our son!
Name Tracy Bielinski