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SPC Kevin Dworak

by Bear

Kevin took on the deployment as a volunteer knowing that he would leave his life behind. His life contains 2 beautiful little girls ages 2 and 3 and his loving finance. Being 24 years old, a home owner and on track- the deployment came as a blessing seeing as how his company back In Denmark shut down. He has been deployed now for almost 5 months. He is with the 829 out of Chippewa Falls. His unit was sent to de-construct American bases and send troops home. He is there to shut the lights off in this decade long war. He is nothing short of a hero and in our minds and hearts everyday. Coming from a small town there is a lot of dedication and people know who he is. We look forward to his home coming and being able to feel him living and breathing...

His Fiance submitted the salute..

God Bless our troops!