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What Men THINK Women Want For Valentines Day Ans What Women REALLY Want!!??

by Bear

A new survey by FindMeAGift.co.uk reveals that 56% of women want flowers sent to their place of work for Valentine's Day. Other findings:

- 18% of men have given a Valentine's Day gift that disappointed someone

- 40% of women have received a Valentine's Day gift that was unsuitable or unwanted

- 25% of women would tell their partner if they were disappointed with his Valentine's Day gift

Top 8 Valentine's Day Gifts Men Think Women Want

1. Jewelry
2. Dining Out
3. Romantic Getaway
4. Sexy Lingerie
5. Flowers
6. Wine/Champagne
7. Cuddly Toy
8. Chocolates

Top 8 Valentine's Day Gifts Women Want

1. Flowers
2. Chocolates
3. Dining Out
4. Wine/Champagne
5. Romantic Getaway
6. Jewelry
7. Sexy Lingerie
8. Cuddly Toy