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Through My Daddy's Eyes

by Bear

As read by Bear on the morning show

As my father sees me, so shall I

As a daughter, all my self-worth comes from how much my father values me.

The amount of affection he pays me as a child is what I will expect from a mate.

The respect he shows my mother, will be what I tolerate from a husband.

The time invested in me as a child, will equal the amount of time I invest in him during his 'golden' years.

How he sees me in his eyes, is how I will see myself. A little girl becomes exactly what her father says she is. In short, I will be the product of what you do and say around me, to me and to others.

No compliment of blessing is any higher than that of daddy's. In short, how you see me, is how I will be.

The least little comment, especially negative, I will take to heart.

You think the sun will rise and set with me, but without you I have no world.

You are my daddy-and little girl's NEED their daddy's

By M. Carr