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The Luckiest and Lucrative Find Ever?

by Bear

A U.S. scrap metal dealer, who bought a gold egg from an antiques dealer for $13,302 in 2004, has discovered it is really worth $33 million. The dealer made the discovery after Googling "egg" and "Vacheron Constantin," the name etched on the inside of the egg. Carl Faberge created the egg for Tsar Alexander III in 1887.

London jeweler Kieran McCarthy tells ABC, "He saw the article and recognized his egg in the picture. He flew straight over to London -- the first time he had ever been to Europe -- and came to see us. He hadn't slept for days. He brought pictures of the egg and I knew instantaneously that was it. I was flabbergasted -- it was like being Indiana Jones and finding the Lost Ark. I examined it and said, 'You have an Imperial Faberge Easter Egg.' And he practically fainted. He literally fell to the floor in astonishment".