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No new car for me

by Nikki Montgomery

Here's a follow up on yesterday's blog  about my 2005 Grand Prix that broke down. My dad's buddy got a chance to look at it yesterday even though he said he couldn't get it in until today. He took it for a test drive and got 200 yards down the road when it started to act up just as I described in yesterday's blog only worse. It actually stalled out on him. When it did, he hooked his computer up and the code that popped up was for the oxygen sensor. It was a quick and easy fix so he was able to take care of it and did an oil change all for only $100!

Yup this girl is pretty happy. No car shopping for me. I absolutely hate car shopping. The only thing I hate more than car shopping is car payments so I'm glad I don't have to worry about one of those either. 

My trusty old Pontiac Grand Prix 200,000 miles and counting!