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  • Your life in minutes.

    Posted by Randy Allen

    Your life in minutes.

    professor of biostatistics wants you to start thinking about your life in 30-minute windows.

    Break the numbers down and you'll see just how binge drinking cuts years from your life: After the first one, which increases your lifespan by 30 minutes, every alcoholic drink that you down today brings you 15 minutes closer to death.

    (That means the standard advice of "no more than two drinks a day" still stands, since you're still 15 minutes ahead after two drinks.)

    Here’s how the good and bad habits you have are either adding extra hours to your clock, or stealing them away:

    <a href="http://imgur.com/kvnucaj"><img src="http://i.imgur.com/kvnucaj.jpg" alt="" title="Hosted by imgur.com" /></a>

  • Cure for fat fingers.

    Posted by Randy Allen

    Yes there is a cure for fat fingers and a keypad!


    Smart phone users can place a new 'tip' on their finger to end texting typos. 

    Tech Tips come in different sizes to fit on to fingertips of any width and even over thick gloves. 

    The tips make using your touchscreen on your smartphone and tablet much easier to use.

    The tips cost $9.99 for a pack of four and can be purchased on www.usetechtips.com.

  • An 8th graders love letter.

    Posted by Randy Allen

    An 8th graders love letter


    <a href="http://imgur.com/MkpCG6d"><img src="http://i.imgur.com/MkpCG6d.jpg" alt="" title="Hosted by imgur.com" /></a>

  • Myths that are true!

    Posted by Randy Allen


    Here is a list of Myths that are actually true!


     If it’s raining, run through it. This one is actually true - if you bolt through a downpour, you’ll avoid getting soaked.

    • Don’t go in the pool after you eat. Don’t let the lifeguards fool you - this is false. The worst that can happen is a little stomach cramp.

    • Your Halloween candy might have a razor in it. False - come on people. There are rarely incidents of candy being tampered with.

    • Never run with scissors. This is true. I mean, pointy instruments in your hand...you running...it’s just not a good idea.

    • Put on sunblock even though it’s cloudy. The sun doesn’t have to be blazing for you to get an unsafe sun burn - you can damage your skin under grey skies too - this one is true.

    • Double dipping spreads germs. True! Don’t double dip at a party - you never know where your friends have been.

    • The five second rule. This is false - whether it’s been one second or five, your food is going to be full of germs.

    • Wear a hat to keep your body heat inside. This has been debunked by recent investigations, which found children only let about 10% of their heat out through their uncovered heads.

     Gum stays in your stomach for seven years. Not true. We doubt the FDA would allow gum to be sold to consumers if it could stay in our stomachs for years on end, so it's no surprise this urban legend turns out to be a total myth.

    • Dropping a coin from a skyscraper could kill someone. Not true. It won't kill a pedestrian, but it could cause him/her some discomfort. Air resistance slows the coin down as it falls, but it could still give an innocent person a bruise if it hit them on the head.


  • The most popular fish in the world

    Posted by Randy Allen


    Can you identify this fish.  It's most popular fish in the world!

    Win tickets for two great sports show with Randy Allen.

  • Do you know what today is?

    Posted by Randy Allen


    Ladies, do you know what today is:

    Americans are being asked to wear crimson, scarlet or apple-red today in support of the American Heart Association's annual Go Red for Women campaign.

    National Wear Red Day is now in its 10th year. It's aimed at raising awareness of heart disease, which is the leading killer of women.

    Across the country, landmarks and buildings will be dressed in the color, starting with the Macy's Herald Square building in New York City, which went "red" last night.

    ** 43 million women in the U.S. are affected by heart disease, but only one in five women believe heart disease is her greatest health threat.

    ** One woman dies from heart disease each minute and 9 out of 10 women now have one or more risk factors for heart disease.

  • Name this fish!

    Posted by Randy Allen

    Can you name this fish?  Win tickets for the N.W. Wisconsin Sports Fishing Show.


  • The worst Super Bowl Guest.

    Posted by Randy Allen


    With the big football game this Sunday, I though your'd like to see who is the worst Super Bowl Guest to have in your home!

    Tthe worst Super Bowl party guest is the "know-it-all", or the person who claims to know all there is to know on football, food and commercials.

    A survey (by CouponCabin.com) found that 52 percent of adults said the know-it-all was the worst party guest, but there were other types of annoying party guests.

    The survey also found:

    -- 41 percent said the remote dominator was the most annoying. This is the person who won't stop controlling the volume, changing the settings and flipping channels.

    -- 38 percent said the worst guest was the social butterfly. Someone who doesn't watch the game and doesn't stop talking.

    -- 21 percent said they didn’t like the super fan, who doesn't let anyone forget by being decked out in his/her favorite team's gear and team colors.

    -- 18 percent said the dieter, who counts calories on one of the most celebrated days of junk food and snacks.

    -- 13 percent said the commercial watcher, who only pays attention during the commercials.


  • Stick shift corvette

    Posted by Randy Allen

    Can you drive a stick shift?

    An Orlando man was almost carjacked at gunpoint -- but the crooks couldn’t figure out how to drive a stick shift.

    He was sitting in his corvette waiting for his wife to get done with work when two men came up behind him and opened his door. They dragged him out, forced him face down on the ground, pointed a gun at his head, and asked him how to start the car.

    He had to tell them four different times to push in the clutch because it’s a manual transmission but they just couldn’t get it started.

    They eventually gave up and took off with his phone and his wallet.

    Cops tried looking for the men but haven’t track them down.