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  • Save on your grocery bills

    Posted by Randy Allen


    Easy ways to save on your grocery bills.

    Here are a few ways trim our food budget without tightening our belts.

    1. Set a Budget, and Stick to It. It's all about goal-setting. Save a couple weeks' worth of receipts and subtract 10% from that amount.

    2. Don't Shop the Same Store Every Week. Shopping multiple stores is key to paying less for groceries, but be strategic. Find the best deals in the stores nearest you.

    3. Use Coupons. Coupons are worth the time they take to clip, print out, or load to a store card.

    4. Buy Clearance Items. Some stores regularly put soon-to-expire meat in a special clearance bin, marked 30% or 50% off.

    5. Look for Alternative Grocery Stores. Don't walk past a small neighborhood grocery or ethnic store, without checking it out.

    6. Try Amazon. Sometimes they offer steep price drops and coupon codes. Wantnot.net is a good blog for getting alerts on great Amazon deals.

    7. Participate in Meatless Monday. Meat is often the most expensive part of a meal.

    8. Stop Wasting Food. Forty percent of all food produced in the United States is thrown away. That's a whopping 20 pounds of wasted food per American.

    9. Make Economical Substitutions. Replace expensive or out-of-season vegetables in recipes with the always-cheap carrots or cabbage.

    10. Stretch the Meat. Instead of serving whole pieces of meat like steaks or chops, serve casseroles and stews with chopped, crumbled, or shredded meat.

    Click below for more great ideas.



  • What men really want.

    Posted by Randy Allen


    12 Things men really want in a woman!  Really?

    1. A Woman Who Will Let Him Impress Her—Sometimes, a man wants the opposite of most guys. He'd secretly love a girl that's bad at cooking so he can wow her with some of his home-cooked specialties.

    2. A Woman Who Can Hold Her Own—He wants a girl who, if she's on a different page from him on something, can hold her own in a debate about it. Disagreements can keep things fun.

    3. A Woman Who Goes With The Flow—Men want a woman who doesn't act like a child when things don't go her way. She's got to be able to lose occasionally and show grace and poise in those moments. And he does too.

    4. A Woman Who Motives Me—A guy likes to get serious with a girl who pushes him to have a successful career. It motivates him when he talks to his girlfriend about work and she calls him out on being lazy or not doing everything he can to be the best at what he does. It really helps him stay focused, especially since the whole reason he's working is to be able to provide for a family one day."

    5. A Woman Who Wants to Try New Things—Men want a girl with a sense of adventure because it keeps things interesting. No matter how fun a routine might be, it can get boring eventually. It's great to be with someone who's open to new things.

    6. A Woman Who Lets Him Have Guy Time--It's important for a guy to find someone understanding who realizes and respects that there are certain things that make guys be guys. They might not always be interested in the same things as women and might sometimes need their own guy time. As you move closer together in the relationship, certain things will start to happen as a unit and you'll be a team, but it's still key to him to have someone who allows and understands those differences.

    7. A Woman Who Trusts Him—A man needs a woman who's trusting and doesn't get jealous easily. It shows him she's confident in the relationship and in herself.

    8. A Strong Woman—A guy will really fall for someone who has gone through their own trials or tribulations and come out on top as a better person. It's a real test of character.

    9. A Woman His Friends Like—He wants to lock down a girl that gets along with his friends. It's really important because friends can see through the BS that he can't when he's too infatuated with you. So if you can sway his boys and have them tell him you’re cool, it will definitely be a win.

    10. A Woman Who Loves Him For Him--Above all, a guy wants a girl who can deal with his faults and love him for who he is, even on his worst days.

    11. A Smart Woman--Smart is sexy, so knowledge that eclipses his own would be amazing.

    12. A Woman Who Supports Him--More than anything, he wants support. He's rather have a woman back him in the things he's passionate about that she doesn't have in common with him. She doesn't need to love motorcycles and MMA, but if she understands and gives unconditional support even with the differences, it can really make for a healthy relationship.



  • Unbelievable!!!

    Posted by Randy Allen


    Huge bass!

    An Alabama resident has reeled in a 70-pound striped bass that shattered a 54-year-old state record and could land the angler in the book of world records for the heaviest striper ever caught in a landlocked fishery.

    James R. Bramlett, 65, reeled in the behemoth on the Black Warrior River on Feb. 28. 

    Bramlett told Joe Songer of AL.com that he credits his wife, Janice, for urging him to go fishing. She was scheduled to undergo a hospital procedure in a few days and would need him to be around and take care of her.

    The catch, weighed on a certified scale, exceeds the previous record, set in 1959, by 15 pounds. (Bramlett and his catch are pictured at right.)

  • This is scary!

    Posted by Randy Allen


    This is scary!

    One of the most tattooed men in the world, named The Creature, admits his appearance is so shocking that it frightens his five-year-old daughter.

    Working as a tattoo artist and body piercer, the man has made his body into his own canvas and add’s a tattoo everyday.

    The man performs at the Venice Beach (Calif.) Freakshow, which is being turned into a reality series on AMC.

    The reality show will feature other “freaks” who perform with him.

  • Friendly Skies

    Posted by Randy Allen


    Maybe they really are the friendly skies!

    A San Francisco man had to make quick flight arrangements to Texas -- to see his mother before she passed away.

    His itinerary included a risky 40-minute layover, but he was desperate and took the flight.

    After his San Francisco flight was delayed, he was worried about making the connecting flight and being able to make it to his mother in time.

    The United flight crew comforted the guy and the pilot even went out of his way to contact the connecting flight to tell that pilot about the situation.

    When the man landed for his connecting flight he assumed he had already missed it because it was past the departure time. To his surprise, not only had the pilot held the flight for him, when he got to the gate, the flight crew said “we’ve been expecting you”, and got him on the plane.

    When his mother passed away the next day, he wiped his tears with United napkins leftover in his pocket.


  • Another mystery

    Posted by Randy Allen

    Another mystery?

    'Dallas' fans said their final goodbye to J.R. Ewing, played by Larry Hagman, who died in November.  

    After being told by his son John Ross (Josh Henderson) that he had been bested by Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe), J.R. says, "I've got a plan...This is gonna be my masterpiece. You shouldn't have to pay for my sins. Just remember, I'm proud of you. You're my son, tip to tail."

    Suddenly, two gunshots are fired as John Ross yells for his father. 

    So did J.R. commit suicide or was he murdered?  


  • Protest Yo'self!

    Posted by Randy Allen

    Protect Y0'self with one of these!

    Yellow Jacket, a company based out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is selling the world's first stun gun iPhone case. The case comes with a 650K volt that according to their website, 'is capable of halting an aggressive adult male.'

    Currently the Yellow Jacket iPhone 4S case is available to pre-order through the company's website for $139.99.

    Cases for the iPhone 5 are expected to arrive later this year.


    The cases are available in the colors black, white, gold and pink.

    But they are not able to be shipped everywhere. The company cannot send them to New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, Rhode Island, Wisconsin or Washington, D.C.

  • Tooth Fairy

    Posted by Randy Allen


    How much does the tooth fairy leave under your pillow?

    The Tooth Fairy is now leaving an average of $2.42 under children's pillows.

    A dental association surveyed parents and caregivers and found the average was $2.42.  That's a 15% increase from the average $2.10 given in 2011.

    Experts say (hope?) that could be proof that the economy is getting better.


  • High School Memories

    Posted by Randy Allen


    High School memories!  Do you wish you still had some of these? 

    1. That pair of Converse you wouldn't stop drawing on.
    2. Those ridiculous giant gold hoops.
    Bonus points if they were customized with your name.


    3. JELLIES.
    Blisters were no reason to throw these out. 
    4. That cute little backpack purse.
    5. That badass jean jacket with pins from all the shows you went to.
    And refused to take off, no matter how much you were eventually embarrassed by the band.

    6. That Marty McFly vest.
    7. Your Doc Martens.

    With the clunky heel.
    8. That pompom winter beanie.

    Epitome of 'ugly cool'.

    9. Those EPIC Air Jordans.
    You weren't even really that into sneakers, but you were into these.
    10. That one pair of weirdly tinted sunglasses you had.
    11. An actual backpack.


    12. Heaven for your feet.
    Yes they were ugly, but admit it: You still yearn for those little massage things.



    13. The only cool piece of high school sports team paraphernalia you had.

  • Does this make you sick?

    Posted by Randy Allen


    Ever watched a movie in 3-D?  How did it make you feel?

    More than half of people who put on 3-D glasses admitted the movie made them feel sick to some degree.

    55 percent of moviegoers had at least one physical complaint after the experience.

    According to research, the most common complaints were that their eyes felt tired or they had a headache. Almost 11 percent felt like they wanted to puke.

    Overall, people's symptoms were usually mild and seemed to disappear as soon as they took off their 3-D glasses, except if it triggered a headache.

    Almost half complained that the film hurt their eyes. It strained their eyes, blurred their vision, or made it hard to focus. About one in five 3-D viewers felt somewhat disoriented at the theater. They had a headache, or felt off-balance or dizzy, whether their eyes were open or shut.

    The study also found that women, especially those with a history of car sickness, vertigo, or frequent headache, might be more vulnerable to the symptoms.

    As for why some people find it harder to handle 3-D movies than others do, it's because the distance where our eyes converge is different from where they focus. That causes extra work for the visual system and could lead to annoying side effects.

    The most vulnerable people are those with unequal vision in both eyes or those with small vision misalignments.


  • 72 is the new 30.

    Posted by Randy Allen


    The new 72 that feels like 30.  Really?

    Scientists say that human longevity has improved so rapidly over the past century that 72 is the new 30.

    Researchers (in Germany) said progress in lowering the odds of death has been so rapid since 1900 that life expectancy has risen faster than it did in the previous 200 millennia since modern man began to evolve.

    The pace of increase in life expectancy has left industrialized economies unprepared for the cost of providing retirement income to so many for so long.

    The study looked at Swedish and Japanese men – two countries with the longest life expectancies today.

    It concluded that their counterparts in 1800 would have had life spans that were closer to those of the earliest hunter-gatherer humans than they would to adult men in both countries today.

    Those primitive hunter gatherers, at age 30, had the same odds of dying as a modern Swedish or Japanese man would face at 72.


  • Jesus? Really?

    Posted by Randy Allen


    Jesus?  Really?

    A Brooklyn, OH man claims bird poop on his car windshield shows the image of Christ….and he’s got the picture to prove it.

    He was in the driveway of his parent’s home when he noticed a bird dropping on his windshield that looked like the son of God.

    His son, parents, and friends all came out to look and were quite amazed.

    He thinks it’s some sort of sign and he wants to share it with everyone.