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  • Could you pass this survey? Take it and find out.

    Posted by Randy Allen

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    1. Sending Friend Requests
        What do you when you see people you don't really know in the "People You May Know" section of your newsfeed?
            A Add them as friends!
            B Ignore them.
            C Click on their profiles to see everything that you can see because you have mutual friends.

        2. Receiving Friend Requests
        Someone you don't like (or someone you don't know) has sent you a friend request. What is your most likely response?
            A Ignore it by not clicking anything.
            B Ignore it by clicking "Ignore."
            C Accept the friend request regardless.

        3. Profile Pictures
        Is your profile picture most likely to be of ...
            A You, within the last three years.
            B You, when you were around three years old.
            C Someone (or something) that isn't you.

        4. Status Updates
        Today you went to work, had a disappointing sandwich for lunch, got stuck in traffic on the way home, went for a run, and read an interesting article. Which of these things are you most likely to post about on Facebook?
            A All of it.
            B None of it.
            C A link to the article.

        5. The Start Of Your Relationship

        You're in a new relationship. If you had to let your Facebook friends know, which of the following sounds most like the way you'd do it?
            A Post your relationship status.
            B Occasionally post, or appear in, pictures with your new significant other.
            C Both of the above, plus write "I love you" on your significant other's wall every week or two, and tag him/her in your Foursquare updates.

        6. The End Of Your Relationship
        You and your significant other broke up. How, if you had to pick one, would you handle the Facebook end of your changed relationship?
            A Change your relationship status to "Single," the supportive/bewildered comments left on the update post by friends.
            B Delete relationship status altogether, and unfriend your ex.
            C Delete the relationship status, stay friends with your ex, and occasionally "like" his/her posts.

        7. Birthdays
        Let's say one of your Facebook friends' birthdays is today. How do you acknowledge it?
            A Tag the birthday boy/girl in a status update that both lists something about your day AND wishes him/her a happy birthday. Multitasking!
            B Nothing.
            C Write "happy birthday" on his or her wall.

        8. Facebook Messages

        You just received and read a Facebook message from a friend. When do you respond?
            A As soon as you're done reading it.

  • The Buck Stops Here...really!

    Posted by Randy Allen

    wgx1a.jpg (705×996)

     The old saying is:  The buck stops here and for Paul Miller it came true!  Paul took this ten point buck in Canada just north of the Minnesota boarder.  It's the largest buck he's ever taken in his lifetime.  I didn't see a buck this season!  Did yo?

  • How can a guy get any work done?

    Posted by Randy Allen

    Some guys are tired of staring at women's thighs and cleavage all day!

    A (British Heart Foundation) study found that some men want low-cut tops, hot pants and miniskirts banned from the office because they're too distracting.

    27 percent of dudes want see-through tops outlawed, 24 percent said miniskirts should be outlawed and 30 percent were anti-leopard print.






  • You will either love it or hate it.

    Posted by Randy Allen

    A sheriff's department in Louisiana is offering free firearm training for local children.

    The “Kids First Gun Program” is for new BB gun, shotgun or hunting rifle owners, or those who just want to learn.  The training is for between the ages of 8 and 12.

    The sheriff's department says the four hour course is for kids who got guns for Christmas. 


  • The joy of having a daughter

    Posted by Randy Allen

    Daughters can make their parents healthier, happier, and nicer.  

    1. Daughters make men more generous.
     A recent study found that when a male CEO has a daughter, especially if she's his first child, the salaries of his employees tend to go up. And female employees benefit the most — their wages go up 1.1%, compared to 0.6% for men. Not enough to close the wage gap, but significant nonetheless.
    2. They make parents more likely to favor gender equality.
    In 2009, researchers found that people with daughters were more likely than others to support policies meant to increase gender equality, and that "people who parent only daughters are more likely to hold feminist views." The effect was especially strong for dads.
    3. They're more likely to support their aging parents financially.
    A 2012 study [PDF] found that 67% of Baby Boomer women were giving their parents some form of financial support, compared with 62% of Baby Boomer men. Women were also more likely to talk to their parents about finances and long-term care.
    4. Having two is apparently the recipe for happiness.
    Researchers who studied many different family combinations found that parents of two girls were the happiest — because, the daughters "are unlikely to fight, will play nicely and are generally a pleasure to be around."

    5. They can grow up into friends.
    In a 2001 study, 80-90 percent of middle-aged daughters reported good relationships with their moms. The study author told Psychology Today that "the relationship between mothers and their adult daughters is one in which the participants handle being upset with one another better than in any other relationship" and "there is great value in the mother-daughter tie because the two parties care for one another and share a strong investment in the family as a whole."
    6. They make dads live longer.
    Fathers live an average of a little over a year longer for each daughter they have, according to a 2006 study. Sons have no effect. Unfortunately, both daughters and sons tend to reduce mothers' longevity on average. However ...
    7. They might improve moms' health.
    One small study showed that rather than just getting health advice from their moms, teenage daughters gave their moms advice on better health as well. The study authors wrote that future research should "explore this unique relationship and its potential for daughter-initiated health education."

  • They now call him Crash

    Posted by Randy Allen


    Even the cops didn't believe this guys story.  Would you?


    A driver who crashed into a house in Dacula, GA blamed it on being distracted-- but failed to mention the half-bottle of wine he had just beforehand.

    The 52-year-old was in the middle of changing the radio station when he lost control of his vehicle and hopped the curb, ran through a yard, across a driveway, and crashed into thefront of the house.

    When cops showed up they could smell booze on his breath. They gave him a field sobriety test and then he admitted to having a half-bottle of wine.

    He was arrested for DUI.

    There’s no word how much the house is going to cost to get fixed. 

    No one inside was hurt.

  • 1300 pounds of terror

    Posted by Randy Allen

    Hey, I got this email and had to share it with my hunting friends.


    These two men were calling elk in the Saddle Hills south of Woking, Alberta, when this big bear slipped in on the caller. The shooter spotted the bear about 8 yards from the caller and dropped him with 5 shots out of his 338 Win Mag.
    Farmers in the area knew about the bear, but were not able to track after it had killed 3 horses, 5 cows, 13 sheep, and a pen full of chickens on several different homesteads in the area. Fish and wildlife had bear traps set up in the area, but noticed on surveillance video that whenever he would enter a trap, his hump would hit the top of the culvert trap, slowing him enough that the trap door would whack him on the head before he was all the way in the rear.
    Check out the scar tissue on his face. The bear weighed in just under 1300 pounds and would have stood 11 ¾ feet tall on its hind legs.