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  • Lion Taco Yummy

    Posted by Randy Allen


    Would you eat a lion taco?

    A Tampa restaurant (Taco Fusion) is serving up tacos made with real lion meat… and it’s causing quite a lot of drama.

    They’re getting bomb threats and one guy even called up and threatened to kidnap the owner and grind him up for a taco.

    The taco joint specializes in tacos made with exotic meats: Elk, bear, gator, zebra, and kangaroo.

    The lion meat is real and comes from a farm that breads them specifically for their meat.

    The lion meat tacos have been selling quite well at $35 apiece, but it looks like the sales could come to an end.

    The restaurant has been back and forth about pulling them off the menu but the owner says all of the backlash is actually egging them on to keep selling the tacos.


  • This cop got caught

    Posted by Randy Allen


    Caught by a 12-year old.

    A 12-year-old boy in Las Vegas confronted a cop after he parked illegally to buy a soda.

    The boy noticed the cop had illegally parked his motorcycle on the sidewalk; he recorded the incident.

    The boy asked the cop if there was an emergency and asked him for his badge number. The cop asked the boy if he’s a lawyer and refuses to give him his badge number.

    The video was posted on YouTube and already has over two million views. Some people agree with the boy, while others say the boy should leave the cop alone. 

  • 6-year old stripped

    Posted by Randy Allen


    The federal government accused a 6-year-old of plagiarism and stripped her of her victory in this year’s national Junior Duck Stamp contest.

    The Junior Duck Stamp Design Contest allows kids to articulate their knowledge of wildlife by drawing, painting or sketching a picture of an eligible North American waterfowl species.

    The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, which runs the annual contest, says that by first tracing the outlines of her duck from one of her father’s unpublished photos before painting it she violated the rules.

    The father was peeved. He says, “Between my daughter crying and my wife crying, it’s been a nightmare,”


    ** After a flood of tears and complaints, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service website announced that after careful reconsideration, it will reinstate 6-year-old Madison Grimm of Burbank, S.D., as the winner of the 2013 Federal Junior Duck Stamp Contest.

  • Look what they found in Neenah

    Posted by Randy Allen

    Look what they found in Neenah!

    For more than a decade after they moved into their house in Neenah, Wisconsin, the Zwick family knew they had a Cold War bunker in their backyard.

    Someone (finally) thought to open the heavy steel hatch, climb down the ladder and see what was hidden in the 8-foot-by-10-foot chamber that the home's previous owner had built to protect his family from a nuclear attack.

    Floating in five feet of water that had seemed into the bunker were sealed U.S. Army boxed packed with all of the supplies a family would need to survive two weeks underground.

    The boxes, old military ammunition crates, contained markings that suggested there might be explosives inside, so the family called the local branch of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

    Agents opened the crates to find... Hawaiian Punch.

    'It was all of what you would expect to find in a 1960s fallout shelter. It was food, clothing, medical supplies, tools, flashlights, batteries - items that you would want to have in a shelter if you planned to live there for two weeks.'

    Everything remained remarkably well-preserved, thanks to the airtight containers the supplies were kept in.

    The family donated all of the items to the Neenah Historical Society, which has curated an exhibit about the Cold War and the fear of the Soviets using 'the bomb.'


  • Lucky to be alive

    Posted by Randy Allen

     Scary and true!

    An Alaska man and his family are lucky to be alive after he fought off a bear attack with his bare hands.

    He, his wife, and their three kids were bird watching in the wilderness when they spotted a bear. It was pretty far away, so they decided to stay away and went on with their hike.

    A short time later they spotted the bear coming towards them.

    His wife and the three little ones hid behind him and he grabbed the first thing he saw: his scope attached to a 6-foot-long tripod.

    He hit the bear in the face with it and it smacked it out of his hands. The bear clamped down on his forearm…but it was cold and he was wearing many layers so it didn’t actually pierce his skin.

    He punched the bear in the face and continued the struggle for awhile before it eventually gave up and took off.

    He luckily suffered only a few cuts, scratches, and bruises. No one else was hurt.

    The bear continued to act erratically and attacked a vehicle, a telephone pole, and was eventually shot and killed as it charged two cops.


  • Top Hooker

    Posted by Randy Allen


    It's really all about fishing!

    "Top Hooker" is an unscripted competition series that puts a diverse group of 10 competitors through a series of “mind-blowing” challenges to determine who is the best in the business — and only one can come out on top to collect a $30,000 prize.

    "Top Hooker" is on Animal Planet. And it’s about fishing.

    The world’s best anglers are pitted against each other for out-of-the-box fishing challenges; including... capturing fish using only their mouths, zipline fishing and catching fish that are nearly invisible to the naked eye.

    "Top Hooker" will be hosted by blue-collar comedy veteran Reno Collier and premieres on Animal Planet on Sunday, June 2 at 10 p.m.

  • Did you buy these

    Posted by Randy Allen

    How many of these infomercial products are in your home?


    Annual revenue: $1 billion

    Today, the acne company’s estimated $1 billion annual earnings afford them the benefit of real celebrity endorsers. Jessica Simpson, Britney Spears, P. Diddy, Justin Beiber, and Katy Perry are just some of the names who have earned $2 to $3 million per commercial spot.


    2. P90X

    Annual revenue: $400 million

    Since 2005, the seemingly ageless creator of the hardcore P90X workout DVDs has been reshaping bodies.


    3. TOTAL GYM

    Total sales: $1 billion

    Chuck Norris and former supermodel Christie Brinkley's promotion of the Total Gym exercise system has led to more than $1 billion in sales.



    Annual revenue: $202 million

    World Heavyweight Champion George Foreman had nothing to do with the conception or design of his world-famous grill. But selling his name to this lean, mean, fat-reducing machine earned him $137.5 million in 1999—which is just a fraction of the company’s net worth.


    5. BOWFLEX

    Annual revenue: $193.9 million

    Bowflex—the all-in-one gym system first introduced in 1986 and in 2012 earned 193.9 millon in sales.



    Total sales: $1.2 billion

    This small rotisserie oven has been the gravy on veteran inventor/pitchman Ron Popeil’s career, with more than 2.5 million units sold.


    7. PED EGG

    Total sales: approximately $450 million

    Ped Egg scrubs away dead skin and calluses and more than 40 million people signed up to try the real thing at home, making this well-priced product (just $10 apiece) one of the industry’s most surprising best-sellers.


    8. SNUGGIE

    Total sales: approximately $400 million

    more than 20 million Snuggies have been cuddled up with to date.



    Total sales: approximately $200 million

    in 1980 Richard Simmons was in more than 20 million living rooms around the world and helped viewers aerobicize their way to a healthier life, simply by Sweatin’ to the Oldies.



    Total sales: $100 million

    Suzanne Somers became the most unlikely of brilliant business minds when she shared the secret to a great pair of legs: this butterfly-shaped exercise device, which promised swoon-worthy results for your thighs, hips, upper arms, breast and chest areas. More than 10 million takers came calling.


  • 40 in 3 hours

    Posted by Randy Allen


    The hot spot is still Voyageur Park in DePere. 40 Walleyes in 3 hours for Adam and his buddy.  The next world record might come out of the Fox River and Adam hopes he's the one to land it.


  • Because she could

    Posted by Randy Allen


    She paid for this house in CASH!

    Taylor Swift bought a mansion in Rhode Island mansion for $17 million and she did it by paying cash!

    According to TMZ, Taylor had been checking out the 11,000-plus-square-foot mansion for a few weeks. The asking price on the house was around $20 mil, but Taylor got it for $17.75 mil.

    She wired the money over and movers were spotted at the house over the weekend.

  • Dixie Chicks

    Posted by Randy Allen


    This is why we don't play the Dixie Chicks.

    Former Dixie Chicks lead singer Natalie Maines recently opened up about her upcoming album and admitted that she does not listen to country music anymore.

    Natalie says, "I definitely have a bad taste in my mouth about country radio, the country music industry did not support us. Award shows would laugh at our expense. It was fun to hate us."

    In 2003, the group made headlines after she criticized then-President George W. Bush's plans to launch a war against Iraq and reportedly told an audience in London that she was "ashamed the president of the United States is from Texas."

    Radio stations across the United States immediately pulled the band's tracks from the airwaves after listeners angrily attacked the group for her comments.

    Natalie tells Us Weekly, "To me, I was right from the beginning, because it's my right as an American to speak up and question our President, have my point of view, have my opinion, question what I want to question, and say what I want to say about our government.

    "It's very scary to me that people actually think we should just follow our leaders. If we can't learn from our history, we're nowhere."



  • Best summer job

    Posted by Randy Allen


    The best summer job in the world!

    A student from the U.K. has just landed the best summer job ever, as he gets to travel the world and test water slides at 20 resorts for $34,000 a year.

    22-year-old Seb Smith competed against 2,000 other applicants to get a job with the holiday company, First Choice, and now he will spend his summers getting paid to travel to many exotic locations including Egypt,Turkey, and Ibiza.

    Smith is studying technology, and will judge the slides for the “biggest splash” and the “adrenaline factor.”

    He was chosen for the job after competing against five other finalists at a five-star hotel in Egypt.

    The company’s execs say that they were impressed by his "enthusiasm and skills at every stage."

    Candidates for the job were required to be "fun-loving, passionate and enthusiastic," as well as "willing to travel" and "happy to get wet at work."


  • Feeling good

    Posted by Randy Allen


    Want to feel better today.  Try this!

    1. Perform random acts of kindness--The acts don’t have to be random and they don’t have to be a certain kind. Almost any types of acts of kindness boost happiness.

    2. Live in a home that’s rented, not owned—A study found that renters are happier than owners. Homeowners are no happier than renters when it comes to life satisfaction, overall mood, overall feeling and general moment-to-moment emotions.

    3. Count your blessings--Learning to practice gratefulness is a key to happiness and there are lots of ways to do it: by keeping a gratitude journal, in which you write on 2-3 things that you are grateful for. You can also choose a fixed time for thinking about your blessings or when you can talk about what’s good in your life with a partner or even tell people directly that you’re grateful for them or their actions. Writing one day and then thinking or talking the next, is a good way to keep your gratitude fresh.

    4. Be thrifty---Materialism, overconsumption and overspending will get you down. Promoting "sustainable happiness" means helping people live more rewarding lives by being thrifty.

    5. Become a parent—It's not for everyone and definitely not a quick fix. But parents have greater levels of happiness and meaning in life than people without children. That's not to say that parenting makes people happy, but that parenthood is associated with happiness and meaning.

    6. Learn to savor positive experiences--The ability to savor the positive experiences in your life is one of the most important ingredients of happiness. Put together a small album with happy photos or mementos and carry it around with you. Try to be present and fully appreciate small, happy moments. And tune in to natural joys, from the sound of a bird singing to the smell of fresh spring blossoms in the air.

    7. Take baby steps toward life goals--Making a list of your big goals in life, and taking baby steps toward them, induces happiness. That’s because a component of happiness is the sense that your life is good. This is a way to make it possible.

    8. Stay healthy and live long--Happiness peaks at age 65. A 22-year study of about 2,000 healthy veterans of World War II and the Korean War found that life satisfaction increased over the course of these men’s lives, peaked at age 65, and didn’t start declining until age 75. If you’re not happy at 30, don’t give up and don’t rush it. There’s still time!