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  • Lee Brice amazing new song!

    Posted by Dan Stone


    What a great year for Lee Brice, his new song I Drive Your Truck is amazing. Check it out and let me know what YOU think. ~ Dan



  • Look what Shania brought with her to Vegas

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    Shania Twain kicked off her first-ever "Shania: Still the One" headlining gig Saturday night at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, where she'll be performing for two years.

    Shania told the crowd,  "Thank you so much ... you guys are going to get me all emotional, and then my eyelashes are going to fall off! This is a very overwhelming night. It's been a lot of years for me since I've been here. I realize what I've been missing, thanks to you."



  • Toby Keith hears it all as a bartender VIDEO!

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    Toby Keith says this is the kind of song you would hear him sing at the Bluebird Cafe. I like Toby's fun stuff too (Red Solo Cup!) but, this is the real deal. Check out the brand new video for Hope On The Rocks



  • Top 10 gifts under $20!

    Posted by Dan Stone



    Here are some idea starters for you, have fun! ~ Dan


    10. Giant Microbes Plush Toys

    10. Giant Microbes Plush Toys 10 Best Gifts under $20

    Warning! This toy only brings out its true value if you are planning to give this to people who are aware of what microbes are. But for fun, you can give it to anyone and you will be surprised of some reactions like E. Coli looks like jellyfish or Herpes are as cute as sunflowers! Your gifts may even open opportunities for learning stuff.



    9. Lava Lamps

    9. Lava Lamps 10 Best Gifts under $20

    Buying these lamps, as gifts, are perfect for arousing the curious and the scientific in every person. Yes, lava lamps may have been in existence for quite some time now, but not everyone is interested in purchasing such stuff because there are lamps that are better functioning than it. Nevertheless, since this is a gift, they do not have to refuse in accepting such as unique item.



    8. Battery Powered Candles

    8. Battery Powered Candles 10 Best Gifts under $20

    Aside from being safe for the home, battery-powered candles are also gifts that can make the general audience happy. They may not appreciate its use as you give it, but it can be better than real candles, where it lasts longer.



    7. Santoku Knives

    7. Santoku Knives 10 Best Gifts under $20

    You can get knives for as low as $20 and you can slice your food just like any other slicing tool out there. However, what makes a Santoku knife a perfect gift is that it works well with almost all types of ingredients, it chops, slices, dices, and minces well, and food does not stick on the blade, even if you make thin slices. Sounds too good to be true for something under $20? There are lots of deals available, especially during the Christmas season.



    6. Fuzzy Socks

    6. Fuzzy Socks 10 Best Gifts under $20

    People would never think of buying a couple of fuzzy socks thinking that it is just as ordinary as other socks are, which basically protects the foot from wearing their shoes. They may feel deprived when you give this as a gift, that is, not until they try to wear them at home. The feel of the said socks are actually softer, more comfortable, and even warmer that it can be a perfect pair for sleeping at night or enduring the cold rainy days. Just be sure to tell them not to wear it with shoes because it is never intended for that purpose.



    5. Bonsai

    5. Bonsai 10 Best Gifts under $20

    Bonsais are very pleasing gifts that can be bought with the low budget. Why are they considered as one of the best? Aside from being spectacled with a real miniature tree, the gift also emanates balance, peace, serenity, and awe, thanks to a well-planned trimming and rock-soil formations that complete the package. It only demands little water and it can stay alive with lesser sunlight.



    4. Gift Cards

    4. Gift Cards 10 Best Gifts under $20

    It does not matter if the gift card you will give for the holidays is as less as $20, really! As long as your friends, family members, and loved ones have been given the right gift card, which usually takes a lot of thought, they will really enjoy using every penny in it. Starbucks and iTunes are few of the most bought cards this season.



    3. “As Seen on TV” Items

    3. “As Seen on TV” Items 10 Best Gifts under $20

    There are so many items in this category under $20 and they can be surprised that they have never seen it on TV, ever! They will be more than curious than happy, just like kids who never knew Play-doh was never made of clay.



    2. Atomic Clocks

    2. Atomic Clocks 10 Best Gifts under $20

    Let’s be honest that hearing the word “clocks” actually ruins the excitement of this gift. That may be the case for the unaware, but giving this clock for a gift will surprise them where they may even wonder how this cool stuff can cost less than $20. Just for your information, atomic clocks are known to be “the most accurate timepiece in the world” because it uses deeper spectrums of atoms and electronic transition frequencies. Wow! Very Geeky!



    1. Books for Dummies

    1. Books for Dummies 10 Best Gifts under $20

    What makes this gift undeniably favorable is that most people will never ever buy this book for the fact that they deny being dumb over many things. When you know a friend, a family member, or anyone that becomes a stump over some basic knowledge, such as personal financing, auto repair, home maintenance, and even how to fix everything, then this book can help them… a lot! For $20, you are giving them more than just a book to read, but an investment that can save them a lot of money, and food for thought that can stuff their heads with new information and skill.


  • Two And A Half Men star blasts show for it's "filth"

    Posted by Dan Stone


      Two and A Half Men” star Angus T Jones blasted his hit show for its “filth”.



    The 19-year-old who makes $350,000 per episode playing Jake is featured in a new video for the Forerunner Chronicles Church.

    In it he says: 'If you watch Two and a Half Men, please stop watching. I'm on Two and a Half Men and I don't want to be on it.'

    “Please stop watching it and filling your head with filth. People say it’s just entertainment.”

    He adds, “You cannot be a true God-fearing person and be on a television show like that. I know I can't.”

    Warner Brothers had not commented on the video, but his comments could be breach of his contract since most have clauses that ban actors from talking negatively about the show.

  • Wanna split $425 million?

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    The top prize in Powerball will be over $425 Million on Wednesday night.  I will share my "lucky" numbers with you. Share this post with your friends and we split the moolah (really,1 Mill would do it for me)

    12, 8, 54, 15, 2 Powerball 39

    Good luck!


  • It was a great Turkey Trot!

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    Lookin' good at Festival Foods Turkey Trot!


    I had a great time hosting the 5th annual Festival Foods Turkey Trot in Green Bay Thanksgiving morning. It was a record turnout in Green Bay with 9,000 runners/walkers. Proceeds go to the YMCA and Boys & Girls Club in Northeast Wisconsin.  Turley Trot also took place in Appleton, Oshkosh, Fond Du Lac and Manitowoc. Our friends at Fox 11 are also a sponsor and ran this story.


    Photo courtesy of Green Bay Press Gazette



  • Help me pick the Christmas songs for Y100!

    Posted by Dan Stone


     As tradition would have it we start spinning those Christmas favorites on Y100 the day after Thanksgiving. You can help me dig through the big box of Christmas tunes by joining the Y100 Music Panel and voting for your favorites! Should we put this one in the mix from Blake Shelton & Miranda Lambert?