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  • Luke Bryan Pre -Sale!

    Posted by Dan Stone



    Y100 presents Luke Bryan at the Resch Center in Green Bay February 28th, with special guests Thompson Square and Florida-Georgia Line! Tickets go on sale on Friday, January 18th at 11am at Ticketstar locations! Take advantage of the Y100 presale on January 17th from 10am-5pm. 


    Go to pre-sale

    Enter the code: COUNTRYGIRL 

  • 5 things to do and NOT to do if you have the flu

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    It's still not too late to get that flu shot, they say the peak season will be February-March. If you do get the flu here are some sugesstions that might help. ~ Dan


    5 things to do (and 5 not to) if you have the flu

    It may have started with a cough or a sneeze, or you may feel like someone beat you with a stick. Achy muscles, respiratory symptoms and a sudden fever all point to influenza and you – or your child – are down for the count. Here are five things you can do, and five that are probably a waste of time.

    ANTIVIRALS: There are two prescription drugs on the market that work against influenza. Tamiflu is a pill, and Relenza is an inhaled powder, and both can cut about a day or two off the time spent in bed with flu. They can also keep patients from getting dangerously ill. Both must be taken within a day or so of when symptoms start to be effective.

    ANALGESICS: Pain and fever relieving medications such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen – sold under brand names such as Motrin, Advil, Tylenol and others – can reduce fever and help with muscle aches. Patients with asthma, high blood pressure or other chronic conditions should check with a doctor before taking them. Children should never be given aspirin – it can cause a deadly reaction called Reyes Syndrome.

    FLUIDS: Dehydration is a special risk when people are ill and feverish. The Health and Human Services Department recommends plenty of clear fluids such as water, broth or sports drinks. If you have an upset stomach, try sipping through a straw. The really sick may suck on small ice cubes or ice pops. And drinking can soothe a sore throat.

    OVER-THE-COUNTER REMEDIES: Decongestants and antihistamines can help the most annoying symptoms of a cold or the flu – the runny or congested nose and some cough caused by post-nasal drip. Antihistamines can also help many people sleep. Cough drops or hard candies can soothe a scratchy throat, although they should not be given to young children who might choke. Cough remedies containing the suppressant dextromethorphan may help but most contain too little to do much good.

    STAY HOME AND REST: If you have symptoms of flu or a bad cold, or another virus such as norovirus, the best thing you can do for yourself and others is stay home and rest. You won’t spread your germs that way and you’re unlikely to be effective at work or school, anyway. And if you’re caring for someone who is infected, keeping the patient confined to one room and keeping that room clean can help prevent the spread of infection. Humidifiers or a steamy shower may help people breathe more easily. And gargling with warm salt water can also soothe a sore throat.

    Not-so-useful approaches

    HERBAL SUPPLEMENTS: There’s little evidence any of them work. Studies show ecinachea doesn’t prevent colds or flu or even help treat symptoms. There is mixed evidence for ginseng. One problem with testing herbal supplements is that they come in different formulations, sometimes even using different species of plants. One exception:  There is a little evidence that fresh garlic might help prevent colds, and there’s little harm in eating it.

    ZINC: There was a theory that zinc supplements might boost the immune system, but the Food and Drug Administration recommends against using  zinc in the nasal gel form because it can cause a permanent loss of smell. One Canadian study published in May suggests that zinc supplements might help reduce the severity of the common cold, but again, researchers say different formulations make it a difficult theory to test.

    COUGH SYRUP: Many over-the-counter cough syrups contain guaifenesin, an expectorant, but the American Lung Association cautions that there is no evidence at all that it helps. The American College of Chest Physicians recommends against using any cough syrup.

    COLD REMEDIES FOR KIDS: The Food and Drug Administration advises not giving any over-the-counter cold, flu and cough remedies to children under 2, and the Infectious Diseases Society of America says don’t give them to children under 4. The FDA persuaded drug companies to voluntarily take over-the-counter cough and cold drugs for infants off the market in in 2007.

    VITAMINS: Americans love taking vitamins, but it's possible to get too much. Ultra-high doses of vitamin C can cause diarrhea. Although a few studies suggest vitamin C might shorten the duration of a cold, others contradict this, and no major studes show benefit for influenza. Studies also show no benefit to vitamin E.

    Courtesy MSN

  • Fan finds Dierks Bentley's dog Jake, thanks to social media!

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    Last night Dierks Bentley's dog Jake went missing. Dierks tweeted about the missing dog and fans, artists and more jumped in to spread the word.

    Then this morning Dierks shared,    “Omg. my wife just told me someone found jake on facebook and is bringing him to our house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,”  Apparently, someone picked Jake up before he was hit by a car.

    Jake was returned home with the help of social media and a woman named Anna Belle....Dierks tweeted the picture above.


  • How do I get Luke Bryan pre-sale

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    Y100 Presents Luke Bryan along with Thompson Square & Florida Georgia Line February 28th at Resch center Green Bay. Tickets go on sale this Friday Janury 18th at Ticketstar. There will be a Y100 Pre-sale this Thursday. We always get asked "How Do I Get The Pre-sale?" Here's what you should do:

    Join Club Y Rewards and you will get important updates and pre-sale info e-mailed to you.

    Join the VIP Text Club and we will text you importnat updates and pre-sale information.. text VIP to 31003 .

     I also post the info on this blog the day before a pre-sale






  • Look who's singing for the president

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    Kelly Clarkson will sing "My Country 'Tis Of Thee" at President Obama's Inauguration. James Taylor and Beyonce' will also perform. The president personally selected the performers.

  • "How To Catch An Illegal Immigrant" is this Mexican resturant's t-shirt in bad taste?

    Posted by Dan Stone


    A Mexican restaurant in South Carolina is causing a stir over their offensive company t-shirts.

    The shirt shows an old style box hovering as a trap using a taco for bait - and the words say “how to catch an illegal immigrant”.

    The restaurant, called Taco Cid, has downsized from four locations across the state to just the one.

    On its website, Taco Cid claims its uniform is "a witty and comical statement regarding ILLEGAL immigrants," and contains "NO racial nor hate remarks towards any specific ethnic group."

    The eatery will serve all patrons irrespective of "race, religion or political views." However, it offers no apology:



  • Identical Twins Give Birth On The Same Day!

    Posted by Dan Stone

    AP  Photo By Akron Beacon Journal, Michael Chritton


    19-year-old twins from Ohio not only were pregnant at the same time, they both gave birth to sons on December 31, 2012 within a few hours of each other.

    The girls said they were not the kind of twins who were raised to do many of the same things together. They claim their corresponding pregnancies were not planned, either.

    Their sons were supposed to be due a week apart, but the newborn cousins seemed to have other plans and were delivered by the same doctor, in the same hospital, just a few hours apart.

  • One Month Until Mexico!

    Posted by Dan Stone



    Great Escape 2013 is a month away and we are in prep mode around here! Tanning, dieting, exercising, snorkeling in the tub, all that good stuff.


    For those of you joining us, here are some upcoming details and tips:


    Travel Document Night:


    Our Travel Document Night will held at Super Bowl in Appleton on Wednesday, January 16 at 6:30 p.m.  Please arrive a little early to receive your documents and then Fox World Travel will have a short presentation to go over the week’s itinerary, flight times, questions, etc.  Fox World Travel has emailed details.  If you are not able to attend, please follow the instructions on the email on how to receive your important documents and t-shirts.  If you have any questions or did not receive the email, you can email support@gofox.com.


    Quick Travel Tips:


    • ·         Double check your passports now!! Make sure your passports are not expired and that you grab the correct ones for the trip!  We’ve had a few oopsies in the past and would hate to see that happen again!
    • ·         Scan your passports and leave a copy back home with someone and pack a copy in your luggage.
    • ·         Remember a pen for on the airplane to fill out your customs and immigration forms.
    • ·         Bring plenty of singles, fives, tens, etc. for tipping at the resort, tipping your baggage porters (those who load your luggage onto the shuttle busses), shuttle drivers, etc.  It is hard to break large bills while in Mexico, so we recommend preparing ahead with your smaller bills.  We have many travelers who bring $100-$200 in cash for tipping and smaller purchases.
    • ·         Credit cards are accepted for excursions and at some shops.  We recommend calling your credit card company ahead of time.
    • ·         This year we’re literally right in the heart of Playa del Carmen, with tons of shopping, nightlight, Coco Bongo, etc.  We anticipate many more of you will be shopping, so don’t forget to leave room in your bags to bring your goods home!
    • ·         Remember, Bear and Charli broadcast live from Mexico Monday through Friday morning, so you’ll have the chance to send a shout-out back to your family and friends back in Wisconsin, but you’ll need to get up early and join us!!  Plus you’ll get to see some amazing sunrises, get a few laughs in, and who knows what else will happen in Mexico (and no, it doesn’t always stay in Mexico, right Bear?!)
    • ·         Finally:  Have fun and enjoy the adventure!