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  • Great American Smokeout!!

    Posted by Charli McKenzie

    Do you know that today is the Great American Smokeout? Are you ready to quit? I was and I did. Do I think it's going to be easy? No Am I afraid I may slip up? Yes  Will I give up? Nope!

     Not even realizing it, I bought cigarettes yesterday afternoon. I had the pack in my hand and thought, "What the heck am I doing?" I was so nervous, I wanted to open it up and just have "one" but I did know better. I called the Affinity Call it Quits hotline and they talked me out of it and told me to get rid of the pack and think of what it would do to my daughter, Presley, if I smoked again!!

    You can do it and today's the day!! Think of all the money you will save. If I can be of any help, please email me

  • I did it, I'm smokefree...

    Posted by Charli McKenzie

       Ok, it's been 24 hours and I am smoke free:) I know many people may think, "So what?" but if you smoke you know this is a big deal. I was ready to quit, so I teamed up w. Affintiy Call It Quits progam and they have been amazing..If I have any problems or questions or concerns-there is someone available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to talk to on the phone if you need. I love that!! Click on the link at the top of this blog page and get rocking on quitting smoking TODAY!! I am a little scared that I may slip, but I am also very confident that I am now going to go smoke free for the rest of my life!! If your thinking of quitting, please email me if you need to

    Good Luck!!


    Posted by Charli McKenzie

     I am quitting smoking this Sunday, Nov. 15th..Please quit w. me. Let's do it together..I have been smoking way too long so I got the help of Affinty's Call It Quits program..they are amazing and guess what, it's free!!!

     I am very worried about struggling w. it, but you know what..that little girl you see right there is my #1 reason to stop, she is everything to us and I want to be around for her for a very long time. I don't want her to smoke when she's older-so, as her mom, I must set the example.

     Think about why you are quitting and make that your biggest reason. I have removed all lighters and matches from my purses, jackets, etc..and I've also asked my husband to not smoke around me (I'm actually hoping he will quit too). You can do this log on the Call it Quits now and QUIT SMOKING, the help is free...


    You can also email me ANYTIME you want.

  • Oh, my goodness...look at these statistics

    Posted by Charli McKenzie

    Hi, so I'm quitting smoking this Sunday..You ready to quit with me?
    Look at these amazing statistics:

    • In 20 minutes your blood pressure drops and the temperature of hands and feet increases to normal
    • Eight hours after quitting carbon monoxide level in blood drops to normal
    • Two weeks after quitting circulation improves, lung function increases by 30 percent and your heart attack risks being to drop
    • 1-9 months after quitting sinus congestion, coughing, fatigue and shortness of breath dissipate
    • 10 years after quitting the lung cancer death rate is cut in half and your risk of mouth, throat, esophagus, bladder, kidney and pancreas cancer decreases

    You ready to quit w. me? Feel free to email me w. any questions or click on the link above for Affinity Call It Quits..ITS FREE!!

  • To Smoke or Not to Smoke?

    Posted by Charli McKenzie

         I cannot believe that I took up smoking again after Presley's Birth!! Grrr. I have been smoking for 17 years. Took a few mild, attempts at quitting over the year and stopped alltogether when I got pregnant. I honestly figured that I was done smoking once Presley was born. NOPE...2 weeks after I had her I took one drag of a cigarette and that was it! Back on it.

         I am embarrassed to say that there have been times I've pulled over on my way to Michigan to smoke a cigarette while Presley waited in the car. Pathetic? I'm sure it is, but that is a smoker. Which I am....Well, not anymore! I have tried to quit in the past and it hasn't worked, so I always figured I would never be able to quit.

       I am proud to say, I'M DOING IT!! With some amazing help that is F-R-E-E! Affinity Call it Quits. A friend of mine told me about it and I logged on. Here is the link

    log on and check it out. I LOVE IT. I've picked my quit date, gotten a lot of amazing information, and there is even a number you can call to get help..try it out!! PLEASE, we can do this together!

    I will promise to help you out to quit smoking!! I'm gonna do it, you should too..Here is my email address: email anytime you need something or want to vent..We can do this together!!