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  • Men Busted With Monkey's Down Their Pants

    Posted by Mike DuBord

    Travelers arrested after hiding small primates in underwear at Delhi airport

    Three United Arab Emirates nationals have been arrested after security guards at India's capital airport found two of the men hiding slender lorises in pouches in their briefs, the BBC reported.

    Security guards at Delhi's Indira Gandhi International Airport noticed a bulge in their underwear during a frisk and uncovered the nocturnal, carnivorous primates, according to the BBC report.

    The men were traveling from Bangkok to Dubai when they passed through the airport, the BBC reported.

    The lorises, which experts fear are becoming extinct, were in "OK, but deteriorating" condition, a customs official told the BBC. They were transferred to a Delhi-based organization, People For Animals, and are being treated.

    Lorises are small primates that are native to parts of Asia, and they have recently become a popular exotic pet.

  • Aaron Rodgers Will Be Wearing a 49ers Jersey

    Posted by Mike DuBord


    Aaron Rodgers and Alex Smith catch up after Sunday's 49ers win. (Getty Images)

    It was bad enough for Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers that his team lost its season opener, 30-22 to the San Francisco 49ers -- the team Rodgers wanted to play for when he was a kid. Adding insult to defeat is the fact that Rodgers, who is apparently a big fan of the group Boyz II Men, made a bet with one of the Boyz that could have him making a regrettable fashion choice.

    According to TMZ, Rodgers asked Boyz II Men to sing the national anthem before the opener at Lambeau Field. Nathan Morris of the group laid a bet on the table. If the Packers lost the game, Morris proposed, Rodgers would have to wear a 49ers jersey through this entire week. Morris would have had to wear a Packers jersey through this week had Green Bay won, but he's not a professional football player -- he doesn't have to go to team meetings and film room and all other game-prep functions wearing the colors of the opposing team.

    Rodgers has limited prep time, as well -- the Packers play the Chicago Bears at Lambeau on Thursday night.

    Like the 49ers, Boyz II Men are one-up on Aaron Rodgers. (Getty Images)

    The history of Rodgers and the 49ers is a bit complicated. Rodgers was taken by Green Bay with the 24th overall pick in the 2005 draft. The 49ers, with current Packers head coach Mike McCarthy on staff, selected quarterback Alex Smith first overall. Rodgers, who was born and grew up in Northern California, wanted to play for the 49ers more than anything, but he had to go elsewhere to establish himself as perhaps the best quarterback in the NFL.

    [Also: Dan Wetzel: Mark Sanchez responds to pressure of Tim Tebow, Tebowmania with huge Week 1 start]

    But on Sunday, it was the often-disappointing Smith who looked like the franchise guy.Rodgers completed 30 passes in 44 attempts for 303 yards, two touchdowns and an interception against the 49ers' stout defense. Playing against a Packers defense that was decidedly less impressive, Smith went 20 of 26 for 211 yards, two touchdowns, and no picks. It was the best version of an Alex Smith game -- efficient, understated, and mistake-free. Rodgers, who usually takes defenses apart with his own excellence and McCarthy's formation diversity, couldn't say that this was ideal for him in any way.

    "They've got a great front seven," Rodgers said of the 49ers. "We had some good looks to run the ball on the first couple of drives but didn't get a whole lot done. Then we went with some of our four-wide receiver personnel trying to get [Randall] Cobb matched up in a positive situation ... It's one game. [This] is a team that was in the NFC championship game last year. It's a good team. Hopefully, we see them down the road in the playoffs."

    For Rodgers' sake, he should probably avoid making any bets. Now, we can but wait and see if he'll live up to this one.

  • Who Gives More Money to Charity Than The Rich? YOU DO!

    Posted by Mike DuBord

    The Rich Less Charitable Than Middle Class: Study


    A new study shows that middle-class Americans give a larger share of their income to charity than the wealthy.

    The study, conducted by the Chronicle of Philanthropy using tax-deduction data from the Internal Revenue Service, showed that households earning between $50,000 and $75,000 year give an average of 7.6 percent of their discretionary income to charity.

    That compares to 4.2 percent for people who make $100,000 or more. In some of the wealthiest neighborhoods, with a large share of people making $200,000 or more a year, the average giving rate was 2.8 percent.



    Religion is the big factor here. "Regions of the country that are deeply religious are more generous than those that are not," the Chronicle said.

    Red states give much more than blue states. The eight states where residents gave the highest share of their income to charity went for John McCain in 2008, according to the Chronicle. The seven-lowest ranking states supported Barack Obama.

    The study will no doubt prompt controversy from both sides of the political aisle, with liberals saying the wealthy don't give (and therefore should be taxed more), while conservatives will say they give more than left-leaning states.

    The study also feeds into the new thread of research that argues that the wealthy are meaner and more selfish than the non-rich. The Chronicle of Philanthropy study suggests that wealthy people who live in mixed-income areas give more and are more empathetic than those who live in exclusively wealthy enclaves.


    There is one important fact that is missing from all of these studies. High-income earners still account for the largest share of giving. In 2006 taxpayers with incomes over $100,000 made more than half of all donations, according to The Economist.

    Of course, they also make the lion's share of the country's income.

    But when it comes to looking for the big money in philanthropy, the wealthy and high-earners should still be the largest target group for charities...But They're Not.

  • Get These 7 Things For Free

    Posted by Mike DuBord

    Get It for Free!

  • Tim Mcgraw Says The Secret to a Happy Marriage...Is staying VERY quiet!

    Posted by Mike DuBord

    Tim and Faith were recently asked about the secret to a happy marriage.

    Tim said, “Well I live in a house full of women so [the secret is] just   to be as quiet as possible.''

      Faith said, “He has to be quiet. I don’t think there’s a secret.   You just have to love the skin you’re in, basically. You have to walk this   life together. There will be times, ups and downs, but you have to essentially   like the person that you love. I think it’s important to laugh a lot and   have a good time. Life is so short. It sounds contrived but it’s the truth.”

    Tim McGra...

    ... music...

  • You Thought I Was Full of Bull? Well I Can Ride One Too. Well...Sorta.

    Posted by Mike DuBord

    Here i am at The U.P. State Fair Rodeo getting a chest protecter strapped on.


    Here i am scopin out my ride.

    Here i am almost crapping my pants, wondering what the hell i got myself into!

    Here i am thinking this would be my last moments on earth. No...really, that's what i was thinking!

    WAIT...I can't remember if i actually signed that will!

    Whoaaaa...This can't be good!

    HEY BULL....Wait for my butt to catch up would ya?!

    Am i still alive or does heaven really smell like this?

    Trying to squeeze your butt cheecks together is enough to make you grind your teeth, But Thanks For Coming.

    Remember to clap loudly for the riders with the rodeo. These guys are literally putting their lives at serious risk for your entertainment. Scariest damn thing i ever did in my life!

  • Frugal Habits of The Super Rich

    Posted by Mike DuBord

    Frugal Habits Of The Super Rich from xfinity.comcast.com

    David Cheriton Age: 61 Estimated net worth: $1.3 billion How he struck it rich:   An early private investor in Google Frugal habit: When having dinner at a nice   restaurant, he saves half of his meal for the next day.

    Hilary Swank Age: 37 Estimated net worth: $40 million How she struck it rich:   An award-winning actress Frugal habit: Clips coupons

    T. Boone Pickens Age: 84 Estimated net worth: $1.4 billion How he struck it   rich: Oil! Frugal habit: Buys new business clothes once every five years

    Michelle Obama Age: 48 Estimated net worth: The Obamas' assets are valued between   $2.6 and $8.3 million. How she struck it rich: Combined wealth with her husband   and author, President Barack Obama Frugal habit: Shops at Target

    Warren Buffett Age: 81 Estimated net worth: $44 billion How he struck it rich:   Founded Berkshire Hathaway, the noted investment holding company Frugal habit:   Has lived in the same modest home for 54 years.

    Bethenny Frankel Age: 41 Estimated net worth: $100 million How she struck it   rich: Created the Skinnygirl cocktail brand Frugal habit: Never pays retail   prices for clothing or shoes and bargain hunts on eBay

    Mitt Romney Age: 65 Estimated net worth: Ranges between $190 and $250 million   How he struck it rich: Comes from a wealthy family and co-founded the private   equity firm Bain Capital Frugal habit: Buys golf clubs at Kmart.

    Mike DuBord Age 49: Estimated net worth: $263.47. How he struck it poor: Got into radio. Frugal habit: Steals toilet paper from the radio station.

  • Nothing Beats The One Day Meat sale

    Posted by Mike DuBord


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