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  • Newborn Baby Found Alive In Morgue 12 Hours After Being Declared Dead

    Posted by Mike DuBord

    Newborn baby found alive in morgue 12 hours after being declared dead


    A newborn in Argentina was found very much alive in a morgue by her mother 12 hours after hospital staff had declared the baby dead.

    The mother, Analia Bouguet, tells TeleNoticias TV that the hospital still has issued her only a death certificate for the infant rather than a birth certificate. Bouguet said she is planning to pursue a medical malpractice suit.

    The Daily Mail reports that the baby was Bouguet's fifth and was born prematurely.

    Two hours after being issue a death certificate, Bouguet and her husband visited the morgue because they wanted to see their child one more time.

    "The baby was there and they put the little casket on a stretcher. We looked for a bar to pry it open," the baby's father, Fabian Veron, said in a press conference. "My wife looked and uncovered it slowly. She saw the little hand and then uncovered the face. That's when it let the first little cry out."

    "That night, we went to the morgue. We wanted to take a photo of our daughter," Bouguet told Argentina's Clarin newspaper. "But when a worker opened the drawer, we heard a cry and she was alive."

    The newborn has been named Luz Milagros, or "Miracle Light." She is still listed as being in critical condition but is said to be improving. The deputy provincial health minister announced that five medical professionals involved in the case have been suspended, pending further investigation.



    "At the moment we have no explanation," hospital director Jose Luis Meirino told the paper. "The baby was attended to by obstetricians, gynecologists and a neonatologist. They all reached the same conclusion, that this girl was stillborn.

  • Bride Fakes Terminal Cancer For Dream Wedding Donations. Great...Another Crackhead Makes The News!

    Posted by Mike DuBord

    Did California bride fake terminal cancer for ‘dream wedding’ donations?

    Jessica Vega (Photo credit: Times Herald-Record )Twenty-five-year-old Jessica Vega is facing multiple felony charges after she allegedly faked a case of terminal cancer in order to get a free "dream wedding" and honeymoon.

    The Times Herald-Record reports New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderm announced on Monday that an Orange County Grand Jury has indicted Vega on five counts of grand larceny and one count of scheme to defraud.

    Vega, who had been living in New York until the indictment, has been extradited to authorities in California.

    "By pretending to have a terminal illness, Vega inexcusably took advantage of the community's hearts and minds, and profited off of their generosity," Attorney Schneiderman said. "Our office will hold this individual accountable for fleecing the public through lies and deception."

    In 2010, Vega claimed to be dying from acute myeloid leukemia and wanted to marry fiancé Michael O'Connell, the father of her child. Friends, family and total strangers rushed to support Vega, giving her a $1,200 wedding dress, wedding rings and even flowers for her wedding reception. The couple was then treated to a free honeymoon in Aruba.

    However, it appears O'Connell was not in on the alleged fraud.  When he contacted Dr. Dan Costin about Vega's treatment, he was told she had never been a patient. O'Connell then reached out to the Times Herald-Record to explain that the illness was likely a fake. The couple was divorced shortly after Vega was exposed. But in an even stranger twist, the couple is now once again reunited and has had  a second child together.


    A photo taken before Vega's wedding (Photo credit: Times Herald-Record )

    "She's a good mom, and that's all that counts at the end of the day," O'Connell told the paper. "I want my kids to have their mother back."

    He said he thinks the best course is for Vega to repay the wedding donors and seek mental health treatment, rather than jail time. Vega could face up to four years in prison for each felony if convicted

  • Coffee vs. Tea. Which One Is Healthier? This Story May Surprise You.

    Posted by Mike DuBord

    The SHOWDOWN: Coffee Vs. Tea

    What's in the mugs—coffee or tea?

    You wake up. You get your kick of caffeine. You’re still tired.

    While we swear by our morning beverages—and research tells us again and again that there are benefits of both—which one is really better for you? We broke it down by category.


    You Need a Jolt
    It only takes about 10 minutes for your body to feel caffeine’s effects, says Dr. Laura Klein, Ph.D., associate professor of biobehavioral health at Penn State University. Caffeine makes your body release hormones that keep you active, boosting your heart rate and blood pressure, she says. But where do coffee and tea differ? One 8 oz. cup of tea averages anywhere from 14 to 61 mg of caffeine, according to the Mayo Clinic. One 8 oz. cup o’ joe? At least 95 mg., according to the Mayo Clinic.
    Your choice:

    You Want to Stay Healthy
    Here’s the rundown on coffee: A 2009 study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine found that people who drank four cups of coffee daily were 30 percent less at risk of developing type 2 diabetes than non-drinkers. It’s also been shown that men who drank at least three cups of coffee daily were 9 percent less likely to have skin cancer than those who drank less than one cup monthly.

    But health benefits of tea—especially green tea—are well documented, too. It’s well known that antioxidants in green tea can aid in repairing a weak immune system because it has EGCG, an antioxidant that recharges the white blood cells that prevent viruses from reactivating. Green tea is also loaded with catechins, powerful antioxidants that research has shown could help prevent prostate cancer.
    Your choice:

    You’re Trying to Lose Weight
    Here’s the good news: Caffeine has been shown to slightly reduce appetite. But drinking green tea daily could lead to about an inch off your waistline in 12 weeks, according to a recent American Journal of Clinical Nutrition review. That’s because EGCG and caffeine in green tea can help shrink fat cells and makes muscle cells more active.
    Your choice:

    You Want to Gain Muscle
    While tea might be better for burning fat, coffee is the winner when you want more muscle. Guys who drank 2 1/2 cups of Joe a few hours before working out could sprint 9 percent longer in distance than when they didn’t, according to a recent study in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise. Why? Caffeine can stimulate your muscles, which can help you power through with more reps.
    Your choice:

    You Want to Boost Your Mood
    When British researchers tricked daily coffee drinkers into drinking decaf—they scored the same on puzzle tests as caffeinated coffee drinkers, according to a 2011 study published in Appetite. That’s because we’ve associated coffee with energy, says Dr. Klein, so we intuitively expect to have a caffeine kick.

    But tea has been linked to calming your nerves. Jasmine and lavender tea drinkers, for example, experienced a decreased heart rate simply by smelling their tea, according to a recent study published in the European Journal of Applied Physiology
    Your choice: Tea

  • 3 Year Old Boy Finds Live Grenade During Easter Egg Hunt

    Posted by Mike DuBord

    Easter Grenade

    A British Army bomb squad detonates a grenade found near children at an easter egg hunt on Sunday. Nobody was injured.

    An army bomb squad rushed to an Easter egg hunt in England on Sunday after a 3-year-old boy found a live hand grenade.

    Eagle-eyed Stuart Moffatt, 34,  -- who was there with his wife and three kids -- saw the child standing over the World War II-era explosive at the Holford, Somerset event. He began moving several pre-school-aged children away from the looming danger, the Daily Mail reported.

    "We were beginning to count up the eggs at the end of the hunt and I saw a boy of three standing on an object," Moffatt told the paper. "It was brown and about 4 inches high. It looked like an Easter egg, but it was a hand grenade -- I was shocked. The boy who was standing on it thought it was a rock."

    Moffatt immediately alerted organizers, prompting the bomb squad to descend on the field, cordon off the area and close a local highway. Soldiers safely detonated the grenade after everyone was clear.

    About 25 children aged between 2 and 5 were hunting for eggs at the event, organized by a pre-school group.

    Trucker Paul Gibbard, 40, whose daughters were hunting for candy-filled treats, said the explosive was likely from a shuttered military base in Holford.

    "Apparently there used to be an American Army base in Holford during the Second World War," he said. "I think it has something to do with that."


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  • ......Drunken Wedding Guest Arrested - Slow Dances With Groom, Brawls With Bride

    Posted by Mike DuBord


    A guest at an Ohio wedding wound up in jail charged with assault and intoxicated disorderly conduct. It all began when she  refused to stop slow dancing with the groom, which escalated into a brawl with the bride and an attack on an off-duty police officer.

    Dan Kuack was patrolling the St. Clarence Church Pavilion in North Olmsted, Ohio, on Saturday when he heard a woman  "yelling and screaming at two unknown males," according to the  police report.

    Kuack approached the group in the parking lot and found that the two men were trying to keep the woman, Brooke Burke, from driving off in her car because she was allegedly drunk. She was yelling because they'd taken her keys, the police report stated.

    The police officer calmed Burke down and took  her back into the reception hall.

    At that point the bride, Margaret Burke, told Kuack that Brooke  had tried to assault her earlier in the evening, according to the report.

    The bride said it all started when she'd asked Burke  to stop slow dancing with her new husband. She said Burke became   upset and started yelling at her, and at one point tried to hit her.

    "Brooke turned around and started to approach the bride and began to yell at her and attempted to grab her,"  the police report stated.

    Burke is believed to be the bride's sister in law, but neither responded to requests for comment.

    As Kuack tried to get Burke to sit down, "She fell to the ground kicking and screaming and being belligerent," according to the report.

    Burke struck the officer on the left side of his face several times, leading to redness and swelling. He restrained her on the table and radioed for help, according to the arrest report.

    The bride said  Burke's behavior stemmed from her being "very intoxicated," and when another officer asked her about hitting Kuack,  Burke said she had only done that because she was drunk.

    Burke was released from jail and is scheduled to appear in court April 10

  • You Can't Change The World By Rescuing One Animal But You CAN Change The World For THAT One Animal.

    Posted by Mike DuBord

    You Can't Imagine How Good It Feels To Rescue An Animal...UNTIL YOU DO IT! Meet Reggie, rescued into our family at 8:36p. last night. Golden Lab/Retriever mix. EXTREMELY loveable and we're proud to call him a lifelong member of our family. If you're considering a family pet, PLEASE consider rescuing a pet from your local shelter. The life you save, will share it's love for life!




  • Mega Millions Winner Says Ticket Is Hidden Inside McDonalds. Can You Say "CrackHead"?

    Posted by Mike DuBord


     One of the three Mega Millions jackpot winners says her winning ticket remains stashed away inside the Baltimore McDonald's where she works. But some of Marlinde Wilson's co-workers think she is telling a Big Lie.

    "I left my ticket there, and it's somewhere safe that only I know about," Wilson told the New York Post. "I'm waiting for things to calm down so I can go back to McDonald's and get it. The people [at McDonald's] are too excited. I want their heads to cool down before I go back."

    Wilson claims to have purchased one of the three winning Mega Millions lottery tickets. The three winners will each receive a share of the record-breaking $640 million jackpot. If Wilson's story is true, that would mean a $105 million ticket (after taxes) is stashed away somewhere inside the fast food restaurant.

    Wilson's co-workers appear to be split in their opinion of her but all who have spoken to the media seem to share some animosity toward the Haiti native. Some of Wilson's colleagues say she is attempting to cheat them out of what should be shared winnings from a pool of lotto tickets 14 of the McDonald's employees purchased together.

    And Wilson's manager, identified only as "Layla" by the Post, says she thinks Wilson isn't telling the truth about hiding the ticket inside the McDonald's. "That's impossible. She didn't come back here" after she purchased the ticket, Layla said.


    CBS News has also raised questions about whether or not Wilson actually purchased one of the three winning tickets. Mega Millions officials say they do not know who actually purchased the ticket. They have only been able to confirm that the winning ticket was in fact purchased at a Baltimore 7-Eleven just four hours before the winning numbers were announced.

    The Post also raises some question's about Wilson's character, noting she has a Facebook page under the alias Sheila Paraison, on which she says she will donate her winnings to relief efforts in Haiti

  • Why You Shouldn't Have More Than 354 Facebook Friends

    Posted by Mike DuBord

    Why You Shouldn’t Have More Than 354 Facebook Friends


    "Why do my friends have to be so successful?"

    Facebook used to be a source of amusement and happiness—why else would 483 million people check in daily? But if you find your news feed to be more of a bummer with each passing day, you’re not alone.

    In a study presented at the recent Society for Personality and Social Psychology meeting, researchers asked a sample group of Facebook users between the ages of 18 and 65 to read some of their friends’ status updates. Afterward, those Facebook users rated their lives as much less satisfying than people who didn’t check their news feed first.

    Among the group who read updates, the study revealed that having 354 Facebook friends seemed to be the tipping point after which people were increasingly less happy with their lives.


    The reason: Much of how we judge our success in life is based on how we stack up against our peers. “The problem is that Facebook gives us a limited view of our friends’ lives, and that view tends to be unrealistically positive,” says study author Dilney Goncalves, Ph.D., a marketing professor at IE Business School in Madrid. The more friends you have, he adds, the more likely you are to spend your day enviously reading about someone’s paradise vacation, new girlfriend, or job promotion.

    Goncalves recommends unsubscribing from your most prolific braggarts and fine-tuning your news feed. You can choose to read all updates from a friend, downgrade to a smaller portion of their updates, or view only what Mark Zuckerberg’s voodoo determines to be their “most important” posts.

    Another option: Cut ties with excess acquaintances to reduce your stream to best buds only. That means your dentist, your freshman year hall-mate, and your overbearing ex can all get the axe.  When you’ve reached a comfortable count, “learning about the success of your closest friends can actually make you happier,” Goncalves says

  • Homes For The Price Of A Car. No...Really!

    Posted by Mike DuBord




    A house for the price of an SUV? That’s plausible, given the dip in housing. But a home for the price of a Ford Fiesta?

    Whoa. Now there’s a value-bending proposition.

    While most people don’t think of real estate in prices relative to that of a car, there are houses in some parts of the United States that are for sale with listing prices just like what you’d see at an auto dealership.

    And we’re not talking about a house priced at the median home value of $150,000, which is akin to the sticker price of an Aston Martin. The homes featured below compare more favorably to standard highway fare: Nissans, Hondas, Fords, etc.

    Some of these properties are distressed sales — either foreclosed or in the midst of a short sale — and some need a little renovation, but that’s still a pretty impressive given that they’re all comparable to the price of a new car.

    1620 W 2nd N, Wichita, KS
    For sale: $54,900

    Photo: Zillow


    Priced at almost $55,000, this Wichita home for sale is on the pricey end of our list. The adorable cottage offers 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom and plenty of updates– including hardwood floors, a new kitchen, windows and roof. For the same price, a 2012 Mercedes Benz E-class could be a classy choice.

    1404 22nd St, Two Rivers, WI
    For sale: $29,900

    Photo: Zillow


    This Two Rivers home for sale is a bank-owned property, but don’t let that deter you. Priced just under $30,000 and with three bedrooms, 1,512 square feet of living space and with fresh painting, new carpets and refinished hardwood flooring, this home is a steal. But if you prefer to drop $30k on a set of wheels, a base model of the 2012 Honda CR-V may be up your alley.

    15851 Rutherford St., Detroit, MI
    For sale: $12,900

    Photo: Google Maps


    For much of the recession, Detroit has had some of the lowest home prices. Epidemic foreclosures have pushed prices down to double and even single digits. This brick home for sale is located in the Grandmont-Rosedale neighborhood of Detroit, which has experienced a dramatic drop in home values since 2008 but is seeing a small pick up in the past year with values increasing 4.9 percent quarter-over-quarter. This affordable Colonial has 3 bedrooms, 1 bath with hardwood flooring and glass-block windows. Or, for about $13,000, you could get a Ford Fiesta, which start at $13,500 for its base model.

    210 Melrose Circle, North Little Rock, AK
    For sale: $30,000

    Photo: Zillow


    This 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom home is a great investment opportunity since it used to be a duplex and, according to the listing, could easily be converted back. The home is situated on a larger block with a fenced yard and covered parking for two vehicles. This home’s automotive counterpoint? A Dodge Dakota truck, which run about $28,000 to $32,000.

    969 Tunstall St, Memphis, TN
    For sale: $24,000

    Photo: Zillow


    Less than $25k is quite a deal for a home built in the last fifteen years. This 3-bedroom, 2-bath Memphis home for sale was built in 1999 and features 1,200 square feet of living space as well as a two-car garage. For $25,000 in car value, how about a 2012 Toyota Camry

  • Mother Arrested For Tattooing Baby.

    Posted by Mike DuBord

    Mother Arrested for Tattooing Baby

    December 14th, 2011

    December 14, 2011 – Albany New York – A local New York State resident, Franny Trokerns was arrested early this morning after being turned in by her babysitter.  She works as a dancer at a local strip bar and apparently during a night of heavy drinking she allowed her on-and-off-again boyfriend Derrek Honsteads (a tattoo artist) to tattoo her 9 month old baby!

  • Let's Face It: The Chicken Breast Is Lean But Boring. Here Are 50 Ways To Keep It Delicious.

    Posted by Mike DuBord

    This omnipresent cut of poultry is the leanest source of protein this side of tofu or fish—a single serving offers 26 grams of protein. But it's boring as hell. And it doesn't help that most people eat their annual average of 88 pounds one of two ways: soaked in Italian salad dressing or slathered in barbecue sauce. That's why we came up with this list—not one, not two, but 50 different ways to prepare a chicken. What good is eating healthy if the boredom nearly kills you?


    Click On The Link Below. It Takes You To Men's Health Magazine's Web Site.