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  • Mayberry Saddened By The Death Of "Goober Pyle"

    Posted by Mike DuBord

    NASHVILLE, Tenn. — George Lindsey, who spent nearly 30 years as the grinning  Goober on "The Andy Griffith Show" and "Hee Haw," has died. He was 83.

    A press release from Marshall-Donnelly-Combs Funeral Home in Nashville said  Lindsay died early Sunday morning after a brief illness. Funeral arrangements  were still being made.

    Lindsey was the beanie-wearing Goober on "The Andy Griffith Show" from 1964  to 1968 and its successor, "Mayberry RFD," from 1968 to 1971. He played the same  jovial character — a service station attendant — on "Hee Haw" from 1971 until it  went out of production in 1993.

  • NuVal really has helped me become healthier

    Posted by Mike DuBord

    I'm sure by now, you've heard of "NuVal", the scoring system at Festival Foods that helps you as the consumer, find things that are healthier options for your family. Trust me, this isn't just a marketing gimmick. I've actually been paying close attention to the NuVal score every time i go grocery shopping and honestly, i'm amazed at the number of items that i assumed were healthy but really weren't.

    Take salad dressing for instance. You'd be shocked at the number of different dressings that say "Low Sodium" or "Low Fat" on the lable but in fact are packed with added sugar or other ingredients that are simply terrible for someone on a diet. Did you know that there many different "Whole Wheat" breads and pastas out there that, quite frankly, aren't any healthier than the white stuff.

    That's where the NuVal Score can really make a difference AND, it's so simple. The higher the score, the healthier the item. Reading product labels on EVERY SINGLE item you buy is almost impossible. Seeing the NuVal score right on the shelf in front of the products you're buying, makes it so much easier.

    Click on the link below and learn more about The NuVal Score from Festival Foods. You'll be putting yourself in a position to make much healthier choices the next time you go grocery shopping. The site is also packed with healthy but great tasting recipes that i use on a regular basis.





    This is a paid endorsement for Festival Foods

  • Female Dentist Pulls All Of Ex's Teeth Out And Now Faces Jail

    Posted by Mike DuBord

    Dentist Pulls All Ex's Teeth Out; Anna Mackowiak Faces Jail Time

    The Huffington Post  |  By  Posted: 04/28/2012 11:42 am Updated: 04/28/2012 11:42 am

    Pulled Teeth
    Marek Olszewski (not pictured) got all his teeth pulled by his dentist ex-girlfriend, whom he'd just dumped.

    Breaking up is never easy -- having 32 teeth ripped out is even worse.

    A scorned dentist is facing jail time after surgically removing all of her ex-boyfriend's teeth after he dumped her, authorities in London said.

    Marek Olszewski, 45, made the mistake of scheduling an appointment this week with his ex -- 34-year-old Anna Mackowiak -- for a toothache, according to the Daily Mail.

    So Mackowiak allegedly did what any burned beau with a set of pliers and some anesthetic would do: she doped him up, pulled out all his teeth, and wrapped his head with bandages so he wouldn't notice until he left her office.

    "I tried to be professional and detach myself from my emotions," she told the news site. "But when I saw him lying there I just thought, 'What a b-----d.'"

    Olszewski could tell something was wrong when he awoke and couldn't feel any teeth in his mouth. But he said Mackowiak assured him that he'd be fine once the numbness wore off, NDTV reported.

    "I didn't have any reason to doubt her -- I mean I thought she was a professional," he said. He was wrong.

    "But when I got home I looked in the mirror and I couldn't believe it," he said. "The b--ch had emptied my mouth."

    Worse, Olszewski's new girlfriend dumped him because, well, she couldn't date a man without any teeth,the Daily Telegraph reported.

    Mackowiak is under investigation for medical malpractice and abusing the trust of a patient. She could face three years in jail for the alleged stunt. Olszewski plans on saving money to get "indents or something

  • Girl Banned From Prom For What???

    Posted by Mike DuBord

    Amanda Doughtery

    If there wasn't enough pressure already to score the perfect date for prom, one Catholic high school in Pennsylvania took it a step further with a rule forbidding students from going to the dance solo.

    Seventeen-year-old Amanda Dougherty was gearing up for the junior prom of her dreams, with her dress, shoes, accessories and date all ready for the big night. But when her date backed out at the last minute, her plans for the entire evening were thrown to the wind. Not only was she left dateless, but Amanda found out that she wasn't permitted to attend stag. School administrators at Archbishop John Carroll High School alerted her that a rule by the Archdiocese of Philadelphia banned students from attending the dance without a date.

    Amanda expressed her frustration to CBS Philadelphia: "For them to say we're not good enough to go without a guy next to us, that's kind of sickening."

    She had already bought her $95 ticket and spent an estimated $1,000 on her dress and accoutrements -- roughly the amount a Visa Survey projects that the average American family will devote to prom this year.

    A statement from the office of Catholic Education addressed the rule with little explanation as to its rationale:

    The prom is an exciting event for students in all of our Archdiocesan high schools. We do have policies in place to regulate both the junior and senior prom. Unfortunately, not all students are able to attend. We can’t address specific issues with specific students but there are various reasons that a student would not be able to attend. Not having a date is one example. Our high schools offer numerous dances and events throughout the year where dates are not required, but we view the prom as a special social event where a date is required to attend.

    But despite the Archdiocese's mandate, Amanda is planning to fight for her right to attend the most exciting event of her high school career.

    Amanda isn't the only student who has decided to take a less conventional approach to prom this year. An alternative Mormon prom was held in Southern California for students who wanted to have a more affordable and wholesome dating experience. And in the fashion department, high school senior Maura Pozek from Missouri decided to forgo the usual costly formalwear and red-carpet trends -- instead, she constructed her own prom dress out of cardboard.

  • Hmmm...Festival's One Day Meat Sale or Winefest. I'll Take em Both!

    Posted by Mike DuBord

    One Day Meat Sale Thursday!

    This week, take advantage of amazing Boomerang Buys during the huge One Day Meat Sale. It’s going on this Thursday only and it’s a great time to fill your freezer for not a lotta money. Get all the tasty meats you’ll need for the start of grilling season while they’re at an incredible 20-50% off! See your local newspaper this Wednesday for all the details or go online to festfoods.com. You’ll find bargain prices on a huge selection of favorites including Bone in Pork Country Ribs, Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon fillets, and Burgundy Pepper Spoon Steaks. But all of these great deals are while supplies last! So get to Festival early for the huge One Day Meat Sale! This Thursday only!



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    This Is A Paid Endorsement.

  • I Have An Autistic Son & This Story Just Breaks My Heart

    Posted by Mike DuBord

    Stuart Chaifetz Secretly Tapes His Autistic Son at School, Discovers He's Being Bullied by Teachers

    After sending his son to school wearing a wire, Stuart Chaifetz found out that his son, Akian, was being bullied …When his 10-year-old son, Akian, started getting into trouble at school, Stuart Chaifetz was stunned. The notes from Horace Mann Elementary School in Cherry Hill, N.J., said that Akian, who has autism, was having violent outbursts and hitting his teacher and his aide -- behavior that the boy had never exhibited before.

    "I could not understand why this was happening," Chaifetz, a 44-year-old animal rights activist in New Jersey, wrote on his website. "I had never witnessed Akian hit anyone, nor could I dream of him lashing out as had been described to me."

    In October 2011, he met with Akian's teachers and school therapists. A behaviorist was called in, but during several classroom visits he didn't see Akian become violent. "He tried to create a scenario that would push Akian so far that he would lash out," Chaifetz explained. "And Akian did not."

    "If Akian was pushed and didn't do anything, what was setting him off?" his dad wondered. After six months of meetings yielded no answers, he decided that he needed to know what was happening in his son's class. Like Akian, all of the other kids in his class also have autism, and complications from the disorder prevent them from being able to communicate to their parents about what goes on in the classroom.

    "The morning of February 17, I put a wire on my son, and I sent him to school," Chaifetz says in a video he created to showcase the audio clips. "What I heard on that audio was so disgusting, vile, and just an absolute disrespect and bullying of my son, that happened not by other children, but by his teacher, and the aides -- the people who were supposed to protect him. They were literally making my son's life a living hell."

    The recordings are raw and intense. Angry adults yell at kids to "shut up," "shut your mouth," and "knock it off." Adults have inappropriate personal conversations in front of the children, discussing how drunk they were the night before, complaining about their husbands, and talking in detail about adult issues. More than once, an adult goads Akian to the point of tears -- and then laughs at him.

    "Go ahead and scream," one adult hisses menacingly at Akian. "Because guess what? You're going to get nothing… until your mouth is shut."

    And later: "Oh, Akian, you are a bastard."

    "The six and a half hours of audio I had proved that my son wasn't hitting the teacher because there was something wrong with him -- he was lashing out because he was being mocked, mistreated and humiliated," Chaifetz writes on his website, No More Teacher/Bully. "His outbursts were his way of expressing that he was being emotionally hurt at school."

    Chaifetz gave the entire six-and-a-half-hour recording to the Cherry Hill School district (you can hear more of the clips here). One aide, Jodi Sgouros, was fired. Another aide and the teacher, whom the Collingswood Patch identifies as Kelly Altenburg, were reassigned but not fired.

    "I don't know why the teacher wasn't fired," Chaifetz writes on his blog. "Maybe the District had no choice; perhaps tenure or HR regulations did not permit them to do so. I know that they were sincere and shocked when they found out what happened. I am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt in this."

    On Tuesday, officials at the Horace Mann School in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, directed calls from Yahoo! Shine to the Cherry Hill School District's offices; a call to a spokesperson there was not immediately returned. Cherry Hill Public School District spokesperson Susan Bastnagel told the Collingswood Patch on Tuesday only that the incident is "an internal personnel matter that the district took seriously and handled appropriately."

    Chaifetz disagrees, and has started a Facebook page and launched a petition at Change.org calling for the teacher's dismissal. He's already gathered nearly 18,500 signatures. "No one who treats children like that, who calls them vicious names, who humiliates them, who batters them verbally, deserves to be a teacher," Chaifetz says in the video.

    "How is it possible that teachers and staff can do these things, and you have evidence -- not just accusations, but evidence -- and they're still  teaching?" he said in an interview with Babble.com. To me, that's the bigger outrage here. How many times has this happened before? How many times will it happen again if I remain  quiet?"

    For his part, Chaifetz says that what he really wants from the teacher and aides involved is a public apology and a willingness to take responsibility for their actions.

    "I want an apology, not for me, but so one day I can play this video back for my son and say Akian, you didn't deserve anything that happened to you," he says in the video. "I'm not going to sue anybody. I'm not going to file a lawsuit. It's not about money. It's about dignity. This is to reclaim my son's dignity."

  • Prom Queen Fakes Cancer, Raises $17,000 And Gets Busted

    Posted by Mike DuBord

    A Texas prom queen whose fellow students donated more than $17,000 to her charity has been arrested and accused of faking cancer.

    ABC affiliate KVIA reports that 19-year-old Angie Gomez faces a felony charge and is being held on a $50,000 bond after being arrested on Friday. She is charged with starting a fake charity after falsely claiming to be suffering from leukemia.

    Her fellow students donated to the "Achieve the Dream Foundation," which Gomez set up. She was also treated to her own prom by Da Vinci High School after missing the school's prom due to her alleged illness. That same month, police received an allegation that Gomez did not actually appear to be ill.

    A subsequent investigation found that Gomez had never been a patient at the hospitals where she claimed to have been receiving treatment.

    Her attorney Sheldon Myers says Gomez had "good intentions" for the money and did, in fact, suffer from health problems as a child.

    In January 2011, Gomez told her classmates that she had six months to live after being diagnosed with leukemia. The El Paso Times reported that the $17,000 in donations included checks, gift cards and in-kind donations.

    "She has a real soft spot for people that suffer from those types of diseases, and that's why she was trying to get money for them," Myers said. He added that the $50,000 bond means that Gomez isn't likely to be released from jail

  • Guy Accidently Shoots Himself & Wife...AT GUN SAFETY CLASS. I'll Assume Gomer Flunked?

    Posted by Mike DuBord

    ROANOKE, Va. (AP) — A Roanoke, Va., man and his wife were recovering after he accidentally shot himself and her during a firearms safety class.

    The Bedford County Sheriff's Office tells media outlets that Michael L. Deel shot himself in the hand with a .45-caliber handgun. The bullet also struck his wife, Michelle, in the leg as she was sitting beside him.

    The incident occurred Saturday during a firearms safety class at a residence. The instructor, Thomas Starke, told police he'd left the room and then heard a shot.

    The Deels were taken to a local hospital where they were treated for non-life threatening injuries.

    Michael Deel says the shooting was a "stupid accident."

    I just want to know why there was "live" ammo being used at a class in a residence? Take your finger off the trigger Gomer! 

  • Hunter Thinks Girlfriend Is A Hog...AND SHOOTS HER!

    Posted by Mike DuBord

    Being Raised In The U.P. And Spending My Whole Life Hunting & Fishing, I Can't Help But To Think...THIS GUY'S AN IDIOT!

    A Florida hunter accidentally shot his girlfriend thinking that she was his target -- a wild hog.

    Cops said that Brandon man Steven Egan, 52, was hunting from a tent in Flagler County on Saturday when Egan heard a noise that he thought was similar to that of his prey. He took a shot at it, not realizing his significant other wasn't in the tent with him, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

    The shot sent a .30-caliber rifle bullet through both of 52-year-old Lisa Simmons' legs. Simmons was airlifted to the hospital where she was recovering from surgery on Sunday, the News-Journal reported.

    Egan maintained that he fired in the first place because he had seen a real hog just minutes before the accidental shooting, WFTV reported. No charges were filed.

  • The Brett Favre Steakhouse Will Be The Place To Be Wednesday

    Posted by Mike DuBord

    Y100 And The Brett Favre Steakhouse Will Do It Again

    3-7p on Wednesday, i'll be broadcasting live from The Brett Favre Steakhouse, giving you a shot at tickets, meet n greets and more for Miranda Lambert's "On Fire Tour".  We may even get a surprise visit from one of the performing artists.

    As usual, The Brett Favre Steakhouse will be ready with your favorite entree, spirits and terrific service. I myself will enjoy the Bone In Ribeye, my absolute favorite steak in the entire city of Green Bay!  Click on the web site below and take a look at the menu so you're ready when you get there. Don't miss out, it's going to be a ton of fun with Y100.



  • 73 Year Old Granny Is Really A "Drug Kingpin" And Now Busted

    Posted by Mike DuBord

    Silver haired and sweet faced, Darlene Mayes looks like many grannies but according to police, she is one of Oklahoma's biggest drug kingpins.

    Her operation went up in smoke this week, when police entered her home and found 4 pounds of pot and $276,000 cash.

    Police found $15,000 bundles of cash stashed away in the home.

    Mayes initially told police the money was part of her retirement fund.

    Police also say she was packing a semiautomatic pistol and a revolver.

    Investigators say her alleged pot-dealing network spanned four states, from Tulsa, Okla., to Arkansas, Kansas, and Missouri.

    Police believe she supplied up to 40 percent of the marijuana in that area.

    As the mastermind, police believe she had a network of dealers, including her son Jerry who was also arrested.

    Law enforcement expert Brad Garrett says harmless looking seniors can sometimes be the most efficient drug dealers.

    "It doesn't surprise me that someone this age would be actively involved in marijuana distribution because there's just too much money to be made. If they keep a low profile, they don't talk to many people, and they don't get greedy, they can go on for years."

    Mayes is not the first grandmother accused of ditching retirement for a second career in drug dealing.

    In the United Kingdom, 68-year-old Patricia Tabram-dubbed the cannabis grandma-was charged with intent to supply after authorities say they found a marijuana farm in her home.

    In Tennessee, an elderly couple was busted for selling prescription drugs.

    But the grand-daddy of all drug crooks may be  Francis Cook, 83, also known as Britain's oldest drug dealer.

  • Spinach Alfredo Lasagna. Oh Man, This Was Good!

    Posted by Mike DuBord

    Spinach Alfredo Lasagna Recipe

    Spinach Alfredo Lasagna RecipeSpinach Alfredo Lasagna R

    With Alfredo and spaghetti sauce, plus ground beef, spinach and three kinds of cheese, this main dish is super hearty and a true family-pleaser. When serving, be sure to scoop all the way down the slow cooker's ceramic insert to get some of each layer.


    • 1 pound ground beef
    • 1 medium onion, chopped
    • 2 garlic cloves, minced
    • 1 jar (24 ounces) spaghetti sauce
    • 1 package (8 ounces) no-cook lasagna noodles
    • 1 carton (15 ounces) ricotta cheese
    • 1/2 cup grated Parmesan cheese
    • 2 tablespoons minced fresh parsley
    • 1/2 teaspoon pepper
    • 8 cups (32 ounces) shredded part-skim mozzarella cheese
    • 1 package (10 ounces) frozen chopped spinach, thawed and squeezed dry
    • 1 jar (15 ounces) Alfredo sauce


    • In a large skillet, cook the beef, onion and garlic over medium heat until meat is no longer pink; drain. Stir in spaghetti sauce.
    •    Spread 1 cup meat sauce in an ungreased 5- or 6-qt. slow cooker. Arrange four noodles over sauce, breaking noodles to fit if necessary. In a small bowl, combine the ricotta cheese, Parmesan cheese, parsley and pepper; spread half over noodles. Layer with 2 cups mozzarella cheese and 1 cup meat sauce.
    •    Top with four noodles, spinach, Alfredo sauce, 2 cups mozzarella cheese, four noodles and remaining ricotta mixture. Layer with 2 cups mozzarella cheese, 1 cup meat mixture and remaining noodles, meat sauce and mozzarella cheese.
    •    Cover and cook on low for 4-5 hours or until noodles are tender. Yield: 8 servings















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