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  • This needs a reality check! 3/8/10

    Posted by Bear
    President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran touring the Natanz nuclear site.

    Iran’s president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, tours the Natanz nuclear site.

    This guy says that Iranis enriching uranium for "peaceful reasons" Isn't this thesame guy who cheated durighis last election and killed a number of Iranians who protested his reelection? I  also think this is the same guy who said their was never a holocaust and that 9/11 really never happeed in New York.   Hmmmmm! I don't think he would know peaceful if it hit him in the face. He is very dangerous.

  • Good By To A Goood Guy 3/8/10

    Posted by Bear

    I am sorry to hear the Packer Defensive Standout Aaron Kampman signed with

    the Jaguars over the weekend. I don't blame him. He can go back to playing DE

    instead of LB. He gave us some great football and was a great guy!!! An Iowa boy!!!


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  • Reading Fun! 3/3/10

    Posted by Bear
    I had the pleasure of reading to the Kindergarten and First Grade kids at Turtle School in Oneida today. They were great and we had a great time!!
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  • They Want Brett Back! 3/3/10

    Posted by Bear

    The Vikings fans want Brett Farve to return!!! They ware all we did for so many years to hear if he will return.

    A loyal Minnesota Vikings fan in Madison, Wisconsin has a creative way to persuade Brett Favre to play for one more year.

    His thoughts are composed in a full-page, color advertisement in the Hattiesburg American Newspaper, which reads:

    "Brett Favre, Thank you, bro. You made a good team great. I'd be lying if I didn't say that our best memory (so far) has yet to happen. The day when no. 4 says that 2009 was special but 2010 will be better, the day when no. 4 says he's coming back for (at least) one more year of playing hard."

    The guy didn't say exactly how much he paid for the ad, but he did say he spent the equivalent of two to three years' worth of Vikings' season tickets... that would be about $2,000 to $3,000.


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    By the way..does anybody read these posts? Leave a comment if youdo please.

  • The Dancing starts March 22 2/2/10

    Posted by Bear

    The lineup of next season's "Dancing with the Stars" was announced last night.

    The eleven cast members are:

    • Pam Anderson:  former 'Baywatch' babe (who won't be moving in slow mo, as she did on the show)
    • Kate Gosselin: The Jon & Kate Plus 8 mom
    • Evan Lysacek: The recent Olympic gold medal-winning figure skater
    • Buzz Aldrin: He was the second person to set foot on the moon, and now, at 80, he's the oldest man to ever compete on DWTS.
    • Shannen Doherty: She's the third Beverly Hills 90210 alum to take a turn on the show.
    • Nicole Scherzinger:  the (HOT) Pussycat Dolls' frontwoman?
    • Niecy Nash: Style Network's Clean House host.
    • Erin Andrews: The sexy ESPN reporter who had stalker that shot video of her naked in a hotel room.
    • Chad Ochocinco: The Cincinatti Bengals wide receiver... 
    • Aiden Turner: "All My Children" actor. 
    • Jake Pavelka:   The latest Bachelor who just chose his new bride-to-be.

    The competition begins March 22nd.

  • Good Job Canada 3/1/10

    Posted by Bear
    Canada 3, U.S. 2, OT

    Crosby nets Canada its first gold in hockey on home ice



    It would of been nice to win the Gold in Men's Hockey, but it was not meant to be. Canada played a great game and the winning goal in OT was scored by the best hockey payer in the world, Sydney Crosby!

    I thought NBC did a great job with the whole thing...the announcers and the camera angles were all good...I even enjoyed the Cross Country stuff. And good job to Canada for pulling off such a cool event in a classy way.




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  • Olympic Suprizes 2/25/10

    Posted by Bear

    I have been having a great time watching the Olympics. There has been some jubilation and some heartbreak for our American Olympians. 28 medals so far..that 13 more than we were supposed to win. I thought Gary D. Amato of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal said it best:

    Canada tried to "Own the Podium" but found out it cost a lot more than $110 million.

    Germany brought its bobsled team, which hasn't lost since the Third Reich, or maybe the Second.

    Norway brought its cross-country skiers, who are placed on teeny-tiny skis when they're 10 months old, tossed gently into the snow and told to schuss for their supper.

    The Netherlands brought Sven Kramer and, unfortunately, Gerard Kemkers.

    Despite its formidable winter foes, the United States is kicking more butt than a mule skinner at the XXI Olympic Winter Games. We own more hardware than Ace. We even beat Canada at its own game the other day when goalie Ryan Miller hid a puck magnet in his glove.

    With four days of competition left, Americans have won 28 medals, which leads the medal count and is a U.S. record on foreign soil - though that might be a stretch, because you can almost see Seattle from here. It can't really be an international Olympics when the hosts speak Sheboygan English.

    This is the rare Olympics when the U.S. stars actually have lived up to NBC's hype-meisters. Lindsey Vonn, Apolo Anton Ohno and Shaun White all followed the script. Bode Miller decided he liked the Olympics, after all, and hit the trifecta: bronze, silver and gold. Evan Lysacek exposed Russian figure skating legend Evgeni Plushenko as a whiny brat.

    Even Johnny Spillane - a name straight out of central casting - got in on the act with a silver medal in Nordic combined. That's the sport in which you mogul down a ski hill, wind around some slalom gates, get some amplitude and finish with a Double McTwist 1260. Or something like that.

    And, dude, our snowboarders are schwank! They've been bangin' sick tricks, cutting the pow pow and chillaxing. Translation: They're winning medals.

    Thank goodness the International Olympic Committee added some X Games sports to spice up the Winter Games. If the IOC adds EA Sports, we'll dominate them, too, because nobody can match American teens thumb for thumb, except maybe the Japanese. America rocks Xbox.

    This is shaping up to be a big-time medal haul for the US of A. The last time America led the medal count at the Winter Olympics - in fact, the only time - was way back in 1932, when Dick Button had not yet been invented and Stephen Colbert was a gleam in U.S. Speedskating's eye.

    Back then, not a single athlete tweeted or used performance-enhancing drugs (unless you count Vodka) and all the sports were held outside, even figure skating. Nowadays, if they could find a way to get enough snow on Kilauea, they could hold the Winter Olympics in Hawaii.

    The U.S. record for medals in a Winter Games is 34, set in 2002 in Salt Lake City. This team will come close to that total.

    Germany is in second place with 24 medals, Norway has won 18, and Canada 15.

    The Canadian government spent a lot of money on its "Own the Podium" program and its athletes, especially in speedskating, have underperformed. But 15 medals for a country that has more or less the same number of peopleas the combined metropolitan populations of New York City and Los Angeles is not bad.

    Every state in the U.S. produces world-class athletes, but you don't find many athletes coming from the Northwest Territories. In fact, you don't find many people coming from the Northwest Territories.

    Win or lose, the Canadians have been lovely hosts. If their men's hockey team does not win the gold medal, the national psyche will have to be institutionalized, but that's not our problem.

    See, America is just good at winning. It's what we do. It's who we are. Give us a pair of skates or skis, point us toward snow and ice and we'll figure out a way to do it faster or better than everybody else.

    In Norway, all they have is skiing. In the Netherlands, all they care about is skating. In Canada, hockey blots out the sun. And the Germans have their Werner Von Braun-designed bobsleds.

    In America, we've got the NFL, the NBA, Major League Baseball and Danica Patrick. It's easy for us to take our eyes off the puck.

    But show us a medal, and we'll show you the podium.


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  • Credit Cards 2/23/10

    Posted by Bear

    The new credit card rules are are som tips:Stick to Fixed Card Rates. The new protections require advance notice of changes in your card terms and limit interest-rate increases on newly issued cards. But these safeguards may not apply if your cards carry introductory rates or other variable rate conditions. Avoid such variable terms if you can; if not, understand how these features work and be prepared for unpleasant rate increases.

    Carefully Review Rewards Programs. Card companies are seeking additional revenue through new and expanded service fees and awards programs. These might be great for you but make sure you fully understand your financial exposure in these deals.

    Foreign Use of  Credit Cards
    . New York Times personal finance columnist Ron Lieber and others have noted that the new rules do not curb credit-card companies' ability to sock you with stiff fees for using your card to make foreign transactions. This may not even require you to actually travel outside the U.S., as these fees could be applied for simply using your card to buy something from a foreign merchant. Not all credit cards impose such fees; find out if yours does before using the card for foreign transactions.

    The Tyranny of a High Credit Rating.
    Under the new credit-card rules, the wise course of action often may be to cancel cards once you've received advance notice of unfavorable changes. While getting rid of cards can, in some circumstances, hurt your credit rating, this still may be the best decision for you. Carrying a high credit score is nice but having a high score is of greatest concern when you're seeking new loans or renegotiating terms on existing debts. So, if you are not going to be seeking new or revised loan and credit terms anytime soon, downsizing your credit-card portfolio by getting rid of high-rate cards is a sound decision.

  • Who Do They Think They Are? 2/17/10

    Posted by Bear

    You know that I am a big supporter of U.S. troops...all branches. Jonathan Quick is a goalie for the LA Kings. He also is the goalie for the U.S. Olympic men's hockey team. It seems the IOC is offended that Jonathan has SUPPORT OUR TROOPS on his mask-helmet protective helmet.and they want him to remove it as the IOC does not want anything oif the sort on hemets.

    Jonathan will appeal and that should take about two then the Olympics will be over...he is my hero this week!

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  • Olympic Fun 2/16/10

    Posted by Bear

    I really think this month is interesting. Just as I was beginning to complain about football finally being over, NASCAR kicks in and the Winter Olympics are on. I bet Bridget regrets letting me build a mancave in my basement.

    Figure skating is the most viewed event atr the winter olympics, followed by Men's hockey and curling? The curling number suprize me, but a friend says that it's an event anybody can understand....just tossing the rock down the ice to try and land for points while knocking the opponents rock away from the points!

    Men's hockey starts tonight and curling this afternoon.


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  • Glad to be Back

    Posted by Bear

    Wow! What a month February has been so far! We were in Mexico for a week and at Bay Park Square last wee raising money for St. Jude. It was great to be back in the studio this morning taking your calls and laughing a lot.

    We raised $235.000 for St Jude and in this tough economy, that was really good. Thank you and love and kisses to all who helped either volunteering or becoming a Partneer in Hope.

    My Mother In Law earned her angel wings late last month and we put her to rest Saturday in Jefferson WI. I will miss Helen because she was a friend of mine.

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  • Huff and Puff!! 2/10/10

    Posted by Bear

    Ifeel like a blob. I ate and drank what I wanteds in Mexico and now it's time to pay! I am off to the gym again. I am not one to demorilize myself, so my question long should I wait before I step on a scale? Please leave me a comment.