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  • You Gotta See This!

    Posted by Bear

    Lurch was a Watusi steer that is somewhat of an international celebrity. He was the Guinness Record holder for the largest circumference of horns of any animal in the world. You have to see it to believe it and even then it’s still hard to comprehend.

    His horns circumferance was over 3' 4" and each horn weighed 100 lbs!

    Lurch passes away Friday at the age of 16...a normal lifespan.


  • What? 5/19/10

    Posted by Bear

    The 2012 Olympic and Paralympic mascots

    The 2012 Olympic mascot Wenlock (L) and Paralympic mascot Mandeville pose for photographers in the

    I love the Olympics and I am glad our good friends in Great Britain are hosting them in a few years, but the choice of Olympic Mascots leaves me wondering who's bad idea it was?

    Don't their heads look like toilet seats?

  • I Get To Ride In What? 5/17/10

    Posted by Bear
    US NAVY C-130 - "Fat Albert"
    I have had many chances to ride in some great aircraft in my life, but never a rocket
    powered cargo plane. I will ride Fat Abert Sunday June 13 at the Milwaukee Air Show....wha hoo!!!!!
  • Toby Cares About Our Troops! 5/14/10

    Posted by Bear
    I thought that you might want to see the attached picture of Toby and LtCol Vince Barker of Appleton......two American patriots indeed.  The pic was taken about 10 days ago in Afghanistan.  Vince returns home in early June.
    All the best,
    Dan McGraw

    Vince and Toby Keith 4 May 10.JPG


    Never wonder if Country Stars care about Americans!

  • Congrats Gamblers!!! 5/13/10

    Posted by Bear
    The Green Bay Gamblers are the leage champs after beating Fargo 5-3 last night at the Resch. They were down by two games to come back and win the series 3 games to 2. What a comeback!!
  • This Is An Unbelievable Photo! 5/12/10

    Posted by Bear


    The volcano in Iceland continues to erupt, spewing ash and gases into the North Atlantic and causing many flight over Europe to be cancelled.
    It is also making for some great photo ops! This great, stunning photo was taken at 3:40 am 5/12/10. WOW! The power of Mother Nature. I never knew lightening was caused by volcanic clouds.

  • The Most Popular Baby Names! 5/10/10

    Posted by Bear

    Every year, the Social Security Administration goes through their records and compiles a list of the most popular baby names of the past year. Last year's #1 girl's name, Emma, has been unseated by Isabella. Jacob was the number one most popular name for boys again last year. It's the 11th year in a row for Jacob.

       This is just more proof the "Twilight" series is taking over the next generation. Both Isabella and Jacob are the main characters in "New Moon," played by KRISTEN STEWART and TAYLOR LAUTNER while Cullen --(actually Edward Cullen) played by ROBERT PATTINSON-- is also heading up the list, rising from number 782 to 485. Other trend-setting names include Maliyah, a variation on First Daughter MALIA OBAMA and Isla, thanks to ISLA FISHER, while Lindsay, Miley, Jonas and Britney are on their way out of style.

       Over the last 100 years, Michael has held the top spot most often (44 times), while Mary has been ranked number one 46 times.

       Other name trends: ELVIS slipped from 673 in 2007 to 713 in 2008 to 858 this year.
       Check your name's popularity through the Social Security Administration, even by state. (Maiman)
    # # #

    Most popular girls' names (Last year's ranking in parentheses):
    10. Mia (new)
    9. Chloe (10)
    8. Abigail (8)
    7. Madison (4)
    6. Emily (3)

    5. Ava (5)
    4. Sophia (7)
    3. Olivia (6)
    2. Emma (1)
    1. Isabella (2)
       FYI: Elizabeth (#9 last year) dropped off this year's top 10.
    # # #

    Most popular boys' names (Last year's ranking in parentheses):
    10. Anthony (7)
    9. Noah (new)
    8. Jayden (new)
    7. Daniel (5)
    6. Joshua (4)

    5. William (8)
    4. Alexander (6)
    3. Michael (2)
    2. Ethan (3)
    1. Jacob (1)
       FYI: last year's #9 and #10 names, Christopher and Matthew, dropped off this year's top-10.


  • Let's Do Right By These Guy's 5/3/10

    Posted by Bear

    LZ Lambeau will welcome Vietnam Veterans and their families to a special Welcome Home celebration at Lambeau Field in Green Bay May 21-23. Concerts, reunions and exhibits including The Moving Wall™and Vietnam-era military aircraft and vehicles are planned. A motorcycle rally starting in La Crosse, WI and ending at Lambeau Field will kick off the event.

    During the showcase event inside the stadium's bowl at Lambeau Field on May 22, those who did not return from combat will be remembered with music, readings and a preview of the Wisconsin Public Television documentary, "Wisconsin Vietnam War Stories" on Lambeau’s jumbo televisions. Local museums and galleries will host special art exhibits that support the event. Military reunion groups from across the country are welcome. Get your tickets online or by calling 800-985-0071.

    A FREE City Tour will be offered by the Convention & Visitors Bureau with drop offs at local museums with exhibits related to the event. Tours leave from Lambeau Field on May 22 only starting at 10am and running until 4pm. Bus transportation by Lamers Bus Lines. For more information call 888-867-3342.

  • Want to support troops? 4/30/10

    Posted by Bear

    This is a great idea! I am going to buy one! You can too.

    Fond du Lac County Fire Departments Support U.S. Troops

    Fond du Lac County-area firefighters are wearing red shirts on Fridays to show support for U.S. troops overseas.

    The Fond du Lac city fire department says its firefighters will wear the shirts starting Friday, May 7th, and then every Friday indefinitely.

    The Fond du Lac Fire Department is selling the shirts to the public for $10 at Hoppers in Fond du Lac. Proceeds from the sales go to the Josh Wege Fund. The 19-year-old Marine from Fond du Lac was wounded by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan last year.

  • BUGS BUGS BUGS!! 4/28/10

    Posted by Bear

    It's Lake Fly season along Lake Winnebago. They are a pest, but hey..they are

    a major food source for Sturgeon and other fish. They only last a few weeks.

  • 2010 Airshow Schedule 4/27/10

    Posted by Bear




    Here is the link for all the airshows in 2010. Many right in our area. Cool!



    EAA in oshkosh is July 26 - Aug. 1


    I'll see you there!