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  • A Fast Ride!

    Posted by Bear

    In five years, super trains may be rocketing Americans to work at 168 mph. Supporters also say the trains will cut fuel use, pollution and unemployment.

    What do you think of this? I like the idea. A person could get to Milwaukee in less than an hour or Minneapolis in two hours with no airports to deal with!

  • And you thought your traffic fine was excessive?

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    Swede faces world-record $1m speeding penalty

    Mercedes SLS AMG, file image The Swede was driving a Mercedes SLS AMG - which has a top speed of 317km/h

    A Swedish motorist caught driving at 290km/h (180mph) in Switzerland could be given a world-record speeding fine of SFr1.08m ($1m; £656,000), prosecutors say.

    The 37-year-old, who has not been named, was clocked driving his Mercedes sports car at 170km/h over the limit.

    Under Swiss law, the level of fine is determined by the wealth of the driver and the speed recorded.

    In January, a Swiss driver was fined $290,000 - the current world record.

    Local police spokesman Benoit Dumas said of the latest case that "nothing can justify a speed of 290km/h".

    "It is not controllable. It must have taken 500m to stop," he said.

    The Swede's car - a Mercedes SLS AMG - has been impounded and in principle he could be forced to pay a daily fine of SFr3,600 for 300 days.


  • Wanna watch the Packers practice?

    Posted by Bear

    The Packers are in camp and watching them is fun and free at the still new Ray Nitschke Field across from the Resch Centeer in Green Bay. It's a comfy setting and you can watch your favorite Packers go through their drills!

  • Facebook updates?

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    If you spend all day at work repeatedly checking out your Facebook news feed, you've probably noticed that people write the same things over and over again. It's always the same type of update.

    Here are the nine types of Facebook updates you can't avoid ...

    9. TMI update. There is no need to tell the Facebook world what you're doing every second of the day.

    8. Liking everything. Some people get a little trigger happy with that Like button and need to let everyone know that they like days off and Glee.

    7. YouTube videos.

    6. Relationship status changes.

    5. Song lyrics. Often people can't put into words how they feel so they plagiarize from a song.

    4. Games.

    3. Quizzes.

    2. Vague updates begging for attention.

    1. Links to websites.

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  • Save money in August!

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    According to, here are the best things to buy in August:


    1) Old Computers - Because computer companies are ramping up to release new models, they're more likely to be trying to blow out their older models at lower prices.

    2) Laptops - Big stores drop the prices on laptops with their back-to-school deals.

    3)Kid's Clothing - Kids clothes are also a smart by because of back-to-school specials.

    4) Linens and Storage Containers - These items (among others) are aimed at college kids getting ready for dorm life.

    5) Barbecue Grills - They went on sale around Memorial Day at July 4th, but you're likely to find good deals in August as places try to unload them before the summer's end.

  • My lost ring!

    Posted by Bear

    First of all, I am sorry about the lack of posts this week. I have been home with the flu.

    Now, six years ago, for my 50th birthday, my lovely wife Bridget gave me a beautiful, expensive ring. It was really a great ring, given with love by my wife.

    I practice TaeKwon Do and I cannot wear jewelry, especailly rings because I would injure my hands and really injure the person I punch! Becuase of this, I had to leave the ring off most of the time.

    About four years ago  we had company that included a nephew who I do not trust and knowing he was coming to visit, I decided to hide the ring and I cannot remember where I hide it.

    I have a feeling it's in my house somewhere. It would really make Bridget happy if it was found. I am searching and searching. I am thinking of calling a psychic. Anything is worth a try. I'll keep you posted.

    I am on vacation next week. See you soon.




  • Mullet Man! 7/21/10

    Posted by Bear
    Baseball players Another ballplayer-turned-analyst has brought his signature mullet with him to the booth, former Red Sox pitcher Dennis Eckersley (left). But the diamond has produced a number of similar looks, from fireballer Randy Johnson (center) to former Red Sox first baseman Kevin Millar.
    Ah ha!!!! You were thinking Bill Ray Cyrus....right? It's actually the guy in the middle, Pitcher Randy Johnson!
  • A Super Garage Sale Find!! 7/19/10

    Posted by Bear
    Woman finds out LeBron pendant worth nearly $10K

    AKRON, Ohio — An Ohio woman paid $5 for a LeBron James pendant at a yard sale, thinking it was costume jewelry. But the International Gemological Institute said Vaneisha Robinson's find is the real deal, ringing in at nearly $10,000. Robinson, 20, said she used to wear the jersey-shaped pendant to high school when she didn't know its value. Then she had it appraised.

    Gemologist Jerry Ehrenwald said the 14-karat white gold pendant sports more than 2 carats of diamonds. The number 23 jersey reads 'King' on the front and 'James' on the back.

    Robinson, who's an amateur boxer in James' hometown of Akron, Ohio, listed the jewelry on eBay. She said the King's brand will never die, even after he left the Cleveland Cavaliers to play for the Miami Heat



  • Idol is far from dead! 7/19/10

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    Mike De Sisti

    American Idol hopefuls gather outside the Bradley Center in Milwaukee to register for tryouts for the show's 10th season. Registration began Monday and will be open until approximately 8 a.m. on Wednesday, July 21. Those registering picked up wristbands and will return Wednesday morning for the actual auditions.

  • All-Star Game time!!

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    Hart's strong start not enough to win Home Run Derby

    Corey Hart hits one of his 13 home runs in the first round of the Derby.

    The National League has not won the all-star game in 14 years. I think tonight is the night. Ryan Braun and Cory Hart of the Brewers will start in the NL outfield. The game is in LA.