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  • Albino Muskie!!!

    Posted by Bear

    A 51 inch Albino Muskie caught  in Rusk County!

    albino muskie.jpg


  • Toby Takedown

    Posted by Bear

    Tomorow morning, sometime after 7 am Charli and I will give two WOMEN a shot at WWE tickets, 3rd row Monday night at the Resch Center. This event will have Toby Keith as one of it's hosts!

    To win you must be a woman able to sound rough like a pro wrestler when you answer our questions about Toby Keith. 


    If you would like to practice, here will be the questions our ringmaster will ask:

    Why do you suppose Toby is called "Big Dog Daddy"

    Why does Toby like his women rough?

    Why did Toby think he could play pro football?

    Sing a few lines of "Get Drunk and Be Somebody"

    What do you think Toby might of said to the Country Music Association to get banned from the CMA Award Show.


    We do not need the exact answer, we need the answer you think might be right or an answer that fits this contest. Have fun and get rough. Lets get ready to rumble!!


  • Big Fight

    Posted by Bear

    The media has lead us to believe that big sports brawls only happen in the U.S.. NOT TRUE. Check out this videa of the Brazil-China national basketball game from 10/16/10!!



  • Angel Flight

    Posted by Bear

    I have watched this video four times and wept four times. Please watch the whole is well worth it.  BEAR

  • Angel Flight. 10/11/10

    Posted by Bear

    Please take the time to view this whole video and get out the Kleenex. Be proud.





  • Splat!!

    Posted by Bear

    I now know what they do with those 1,500 lb pumpkins.....check this out. I love this kind of stuff.  

  • We Are Being Overcharged! 5/10/10

    Posted by Bear

    You thought ballpark food had a high markup....check these out.


    Texting is marked up 6,000% average text costs 20 cents. It only costs the
    phone company 3/10 of a cent to send that same text.

    Movie theater popcorn has a 1220% markup 

    Starbucks is 300%.

    Cut up veggies at the grocery are 40% costlier. Bottle Water has a 4,000%