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    Everyone wants the estimated $500 million Powerball tonight - here are five tips to try and make sure that person is you.

    The only way to increase your chance of winning? You gotta buy more tickets.

    The catch? The more tickets you buy, the worse your chances get.

    Forget lucky numbers. 3, 7, 11 and numbers under 31 are popular choices because they coincide with dates like birthdays and anniversaries.

    Sometimes bigger jackpots aren’t better - look for smaller ones that cause less of a frenzy.

    Quick picks and personal numbers have the same chances of winning - one in 175 million.

  • Holiday Tipping Guide

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    There’s a sliver of hope floating around the economy which can lead to more generosity this Holiday season, especially for those of us who tend to get tips. So, what’s appropriate this season and for who? Well, we’ve got you covered. Take a look at the tipping tips below!


    Apartment Building StaffSuggested Tip: $20 to $100


    Dog WalkerSuggested Tip: One Week Pay


    Extracurricular InstructorsSuggested Tip: GiftLandscaper/GardenerSuggested Tip: Cost of One Visit


    Mail/Package DeliverySuggested Tip: Gift


    Nurses/Private CaregiverSuggested Tip: Gift or One Week’s Pay


    Personal TrainerSuggested Tip: Cost of One Session


    TeacherSuggested Tip: Gift/Gift Cards










































  • Holiday Dinner Calculator!

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    Do you tend to eat way too much at holiday meals? I do. Check out this calculator:


    Holiday Meal Calorie Calculator: Use the Thanksgiving calorie calculator to total your Thanksgiving feast calories and see how far you must walk in steps, miles and kilometers to walk it off.


  • How To Not Gain Weight Over The Holidays!

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    Traveling for the holidays? Don't become a statistic. According to Self, 29% of people gain weight on vacation. To help you battle the bulge while you overindulge, here are a few stay-slim items to pack: 

    • A jump rope: Jumping rope burns 11 calories per minute. It's a tiny cardio machine in your bag!
    • A wrap: When you're cold, you body craves calorie-heavy comfort foods. Stay cozy and fight cravings with a cashmere wrap.
    • Water bottle and flavor makers: We tend to mistake thirst for hunger, so stay hydrated and make water exciting with different flavor packets.
    • Snacks: Plane food is usually gross and unhealthy. Pack nuts, snack bars and fruit.
  • Return To Pearl

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    I would like to share part of an email that I ws honored to recieve from Diane Mc Donald. Diane and her husband Drew are two terrific people who head up Old Glory Honor Flight. Old Glory Honor Flight flies WW II veterans to Washington D.C. to tour the WW II Memeorial, Arlington and other great memorials. It's a free trip for the veterans. 

    In June they flew Pearl Harbor survivors to see Pearl again and it was a very emotional.

    Please check a part of Daine's email to me and check out the video. I hope you can join us December 2nd:

    Return to Pearl.  The first and only public viewing of RTP is Sunday, December 2nd at 6:00pm at the Grand Opera House in Oshkosh. I am hoping you can help us get the word out about  this event. 

    Return to Pearl is a documentary of the honor flight we took to Oahu in June. As you recall, we took the Pearl Harbor Survivors from all across the state, on a 4 day journey back to Pearl Harbor.  We only have approximately Pearl Harbor 38 survivors living in WI and we were lucky to take 19 with us on this historic trip.  These guys shared their experiences; the bullets, bombs, and utter chaos they experienced. They talked about the friends they lost and what this trip meant to them.  Their stories are compelling and I know folks are going to enjoy it.  The documentary is 70 minutes long.  The best part is 16 of the survivors will be there at the Grand Opera House!  Living history right in our front yards!